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  1. clarifying my previous post:


    Atomic, the international ski and boot manufacturer that owns and manufactures the Koflach brand mountaineering boot, has sent a letter to authorized retailers stating that the Koflach boot line has been discontinued and will no longer be made, no longer be supported, and parts and repairs no longer available. Any remaining stock at any and all retailers is the final stock and will not be replaced. Atomic has not gone out of business, nor has Koflach, which is not an independent company.


    Hope that makes sense.





  2. I went to Second Ascent, and that's where they told me that Koflach went out of business.


    IME in SLC had a notice up on official Atomic letterhead - they bought Koflach and decided not to continue the mountaineering boots. Not sure what that leaves, but no more Degre Arctis or Vertical.

  3. I wear acuvue advance (possible mult-day wear). These also have built-in UV protection, not sure about other brands.


    Since soft lenses are relatively cheap and light it's easy to carry a spare pair (in a pocket close to body to prevent freezing) and toss them if they get dirty or torn (can tear easy if you pull them out when your eyes are dry).


    The only problem I've ever had (besides dang cold drops and solution) is once on Rainier I had some volcanic dust get around my glasses and form a ring around my lenses that made for a miserable day - just pulled them out and tossed in garbage bag when I got back to camp.


  4. My conclusions were similar after reading it. Sheldon appeared to act in an irresponsible and incomprehensible way, given the gravity of the situation (randomly tossing supplies obviously far away from where he was directed, in a white bag on a glacier). Washburn did agree in his interview with the author that perhaps he was a bit out of sorts at the time, but couldn't recall any details.


    It was excellently researched, and just pointing out facts, so a very interesting read.



  5. I just finished it over the holiday vacation, and agree, except I found it rambled a little bit, with events not taking place in the timeline, like "oh, let me just say that later we find out..."


    Otherwise, I recommend it highly for an interestingly non-biased account - since he doesn't really seem to actually like any of them (but he makes Howard out to be more friendly than Joe).

  6. Worn intuition denali's on rainier in summer - socks wet all the time, but temp felt evened-out - not too warm or cold.


    Worn DAS on Rainier in winter - plenty warm at -10F - had to open it up while moving around.


    RE: Fission jacket - not too keen IMHO for a gore shell on a poly jacket -- don't really need to protect the fill from wet like some people like with down, and keeping your layers separate and distinct for their purposes mayb be a better choice.



  7. slightly off-topic, but it's amazing how many businesses put some meager presence on the internet, then don't even have any employees who can answer emails, let alone pick them up.


    I think if you're going to put up some form of website, it should reflect the sophistication of the business (shitty '95 looking site, silly flash-burdened site, smooth easy to navigate) and someone should actually be at the email box, and respond to every email when it comes in.


    Otherwise, businesses should stay off the web. IMHO

  8. I've found vague referrences to one in Silverthorne, CO, but when I finally found the address it was an empty warehouse and no one around here knows anything.


    Based on that, I'd say negative is the most likely outcome.


    I've thought of the same concept, but very surface research points out ridiculous zoning and insurance nonsense.


    Since I've had the same idea for near me, I'm curious as well if anyone has anything positive to say.

  9. Vail area avalanche info:




    I don't think it's going to improve much in the next week.


    I was in the backcountry last week near Breck up to 13,000' on a generally Eastern slope and the wind was loading up the leeward South-Southeast pretty heavily.


    So I think it depends on the altitude/attitude surrounding terrain as to whether it is safe or not.


    As far as the ice, I couldn't tell you,except from I-70 nothing looked exceptionally "in".



  10. My local dealer says it's identical to the Nuptse (which they stock) and is willing to guarantee that if I end up having to return them if mis-sized. Just his opinion, mind you, but somewhere to start.


    I'm a 45.5 in a Nuptse, but a 45.5 B5 is too big, and a 45.5 Trango is too small. I wear a 46 in Asolo Evolucion and in most other boots (but I tried on a 46 Ice9000 and it was too big).

  11. atrocities on and from both sides prevailed in the various occupations of Asian countries


    how can a culture that sells new-age books and songs about how no one owns the land sue anyone for stealing their land?


    the history of all mankind, regardless of faith or lack thereof, is summed up:


    a group of people kicks another group of peoples' asses, then rapes all their women, castrates their men, puts the children in slavery, loots all the natural resources, rewrites history to make themselves look cool, then gets fat and lazy and gets their asses kicked by a group of people who rapes...