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  1. [TR] Ruth glacier - 10/15/2011

    Links to TAY TR and pix for the day that definitely did not suck. http://www.turns-all-year.com/skiing_snowboarding/trip_reports/index.php?topic=21995.0 http://the808.smugmug.com/TAY/Ruth-Mountain-October-2011/19575659_WnL6zs#1533308552_bZ3FJ4R
  2. [TR] washington pass - SUPERCAVE/166 10/4/2009

    There is only one guy in the f-ing universe this could be! I sent the quote along to Piss on him as you pass Pete for a good laugh. Says he just got up Never Never Land for Yosemite route number 39, nobody pissed on him except the weather. http://speedclimb.com/yosemite/compare.htm