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  1. Anybody got a pair they wanna part with? Pleeeaaase. There, i said it, now you have to sell them to me! email dan at daniel.weiss55 AT yahoo DOT com
  2. 6 old pins, 4 rivet hangers and a #2 birdbeak ... $20 + shipping 2 Metolius adjustable daisies - one restrung with 9/16" webbing ... $20 + shipping La Sportiva Lhotse, size 42, great condition ... $100 + shipping Burton AK synthetic down jacket, size medium, good condition ... $30 + shipping PM or email Dan at hucksquawATaolDOTcom
  3. FS: Lotsa Gear (haul bag, rope, boots, etc.)

    updated and reduced prices
  4. La Sportiva Lhotse boots size 42 ... $150 + shipping Two Metolius adjustable daisies ... $20 + shipping One has been restrung with 9/16" webbing. Still functions like the real thing. #2 Black Diamond Pecker, 4 rivet hangers, 6 old pins ... $30 + shipping PM or email at hucksquawATaolDOTcom
  5. FS: Edelrid Eddy, Jacket, Equalizer, Gear Sling

    bump for jacket, its all thats left
  6. FS: Edelrid Eddy, Jacket, Equalizer, Gear Sling

    gear sling sold
  7. Edelrid Eddy. Lightly used. Great condition. $65 Jacket is in good condition. Size Medium. Burton AK synthetic down jacket. $35 Trango Alpine Equalizer. Barely used. In great condition. Has just been sitting in a backpack in my closet. $15 Metolius Adjustable Gear Sling. 5 gear loops. Great condition. Barely used. $12 I'll pay shipping. I'll also knock a couple bucks off if you buy more than one item. PM or EMAIL me at hucksquawATaolDOTcom
  8. Lotsa Booty!!

    appreciate it joe, me too
  9. I have Brand New (never been placed) Trango Flexcams in sizes .5, 1, 2, 3 and 4. I'm looking to trade any (or all) of these for new or used (current generation) Black Diamond C4's in sizes .75, 1, 2, and 3. PM or email Dan @ hucksquawATaolDOTcom I have pics I can e-mail if interested
  10. Lotsa Booty!!

    In order to escape impending doom my climbing partner and I left about half a rack of cams and a whole rope in the dihedral/face/crack system immediately to the right of the Milktoast Chimney in the Red Baron Tower area. If you are so inclined to go up there and get them they are all yours HOWEVER, if you are kind enough to give them back I would be forever grateful. I can ID the cams left at every rap station and ID their location if need be Thanks and stay safe out there! Call or Email Dan @ (707)365-2928 or hucksquawATaolDOTcom
  11. WTB android leash

  12. WTB android leash

    like the title says. let me know if you want to get rid of some of these. thanks
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