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  1. training when exhausted?

    I think you hit the nail on the head, you know exactly what you need to do. But it's tough making it happen, especially with your work schedule. So in addition to the list of things you have told yourself to do, I would add one more to the list and make it numero uno: Cut the work day back to 8 hours. Even a young healthy dude like yourself cannot work that kind of schedule for very long without wearing yourself out. So, 8 hour day, 5 day week. Then you will have time to do all those other things. And "my boss won't let me" is not an acceptable excuse. If that's what he's asking of you and he won't back down, then it's time for a new boss IMHO.
  2. [TR] Fernow, 7FJ, Maude - Speed Climb 8/11/2007

    What an awesome thing to do! The pix are great too. Congratulations! I was hiking up the Phelps Creek trail on Saturday morning with my black shaggy dog, when you passed me (about 6:30 or so), I about jumped out of my skin--wasn't expecting someone to come up from behind so fast! So how do you keep in shape to do things like this, especially during the winter? (hmmm, well I see one thing that probably helps--you live in California where winters are not so bad...)