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  1. Adams south spur

    Thanks for the feedback. I am comfortable with an ice ax (not so much my buddy) but not with crampons. We're both in very good shape and have experience camping in the cold/snow. It sounds like later in the year it might be doable. I appreciate the feedback.
  2. Adams south spur

    Hey, how much experience should I and a friend have to do Adams south spur? Thanks
  3. Zamberlan Vioz GT - thoughts?

  4. My old REI boots (I forget the manufacturer) cracked in the toe box so it's time for a new pair. I'm looking for something that will be suited for hiking, backpacking, and a little mountaineering. Comfort is my top priority as I have collapsing arches. What do you think of the Zamberlan Vioz GT? The price sucks (~$250), but I'm willing to pay if they'll last.
  5. Adams South - glassading?

    I heard it was too icy to glissade last week.
  6. You think that's bad? The Mercer Island Police sunk their boat...at the dock. http://www.mi-reporter.com/articles/2007/05/31/news/news2.txt
  7. Car Camping :(

    My girl friend really wants to go camping but has never gone backpacking. I can't convince her to give it a try either. So I'm going to have to do what I've never done before...go car camping. Any ideas as to a good spot in Western Washington would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. starting out

    I'm heading to camp long in a few days to do some climbing. I'm a beginner but I know how to belay and rap. Can some of it be top roped? what is good to have or know before trying it out. I plan on being really conservative so as to avoid death Can you only go during official hours or is it just there to use?