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  1. Blackwater

    BW has caused so many SEALs to leave service that the navy has raised their re-enlistment bonus and started bringing back people who have failed buds in the past.
  2. Death Penalty

    Believing there is no hell for these sick asses to go to is the worst part about not being religious.
  3. Death Penalty

    Fucking disgusts me. I just found out a girl i know was abused a few years back. Needless to say if I stop posting here, I found the guy who did it!

    Just temporarily I heard. But I think he has been back posting since then.
  5. Death Penalty

    Things like that make me disappointed cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed. Thank god for prison justice on pedophiles!!
  6. cc.com is now a recruiting office?

    . SO HE FOUND a solution? WAR IS PROFIT. war is barbarism.war is its own reward. humans love to kill. Yeah so how does that fit in with you saying war has never been acceptable?? if humans love to kill why would we not accept war which is just killing on an industrial scale??
  7. cc.com is now a recruiting office?

    Way off topic but the only reason the most popular allied machine gun of WWI was created is because someone told the creator that "Europeans love to kill each other," and that he could make alot of money finding a better way for them to do it.
  8. cc.com is now a recruiting office?

    It's the exact opposite, you assclown. Since the dawn of time war has been the predominant solution and perfectly acceptable to almost every culture and nation. Yeah I gotta say im with KKK on this one, I was thinking the same thing, only recently have people actually gave war credit for the horror it really is.
  9. Somebody Stoled Him

    Great people, it was the same bastards who were just here handing out animal cruelty fliers at the Circus. I understand having a cause but leave innocent little kids out of it.
  10. Tequila!

  11. Tequila!

    Hahaha No I just read your futile and pathetic attempts to be humerous.
  12. January 16, 1951

    That explains sooooooooo much, thank you!!!
  13. January 16, 1951

    Damn I wonder what would piss him off more?? Having to pay KKK or the Chinese??
  14. Burmese Bloodbath "Likely"

    Maybe they shouldn't kill tibetan refugees then. The bastards are tryin to shut down everest for their torch run too!!
  15. January 16, 1951

    Oh no, watch out now you owe him money, he got clownpuncher copyrighted!
  16. Russia Welcomes Global Warming

    I'd want it warmer if it was -25 where i lived too. And im no communist but when was the last time the world gave a shit about what happend to russia.
  17. good question

    Of course they dont have them he already killed them all.
  18. Fetch Kitty!

    I've seen a Largemouth Bass take down a baby duck while I was fishing as a kid.
  19. January 16, 1951

    Truman had balls, Comparing Bush and Truman kinda puts in perspective how bad of a president bush really is.
  20. I would laugh as the fools who did the jacuzzi slid down the mountain, i would rescue the people who get out over there heads because someone pulls a stunt like this making them think climbing is a walk in the park.
  21. I totally agree, thats why I would take such pleasure in watching them slide down the mountain like the idiots they are. Off topic, but a Russian Tennis star, Marat Safin, just recently left an expedition he was on to climb Cho Oyu. He had only made his first ascent of a mountain on the trek over to Cho Oyu. This just shows how publicity has changed peoples perception of climbing, cho oyu may be one of the "easiest" 8000ers but people still die there. I think this along with the jacuzzi business lure alot of stupid people to the mountains every year. I just hope im never around and have to try to rescue one of their asses.
  22. Too bad it didnt break open spilling them down the hill. I'd love to watch a bunch of freezing wet idoiots sliding down a mountain trying to selfarrest with their bare hands and feet. Now that would be good tv.
  23. Blackwater

    I agree, they have earned it. They're killing each other now, why not let them kill each other with our troops safely at home.
  24. overtraining?

    damn computer
  25. overtraining?

    Yeah I agree. This isnt always true, but if you are doing an exercise 6 or 7 days a week one of two things is happening. 1 you are gonna overtrain and crash or 2 you aren't doing a workout hard enough to make gains if your body can handle doing it every day. Abs and calves are small enough groups to get away with this but anything else, like your back if you are doing pull ups cannot be stressed and repair itself every day. Unless you start juicing or use HGH but thats another story all together.