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  1. mentor

    big mistake buddy but for the record no
  2. mentor

    no usual partner most weekends bouldering alone or with some of my semi climbing friends (they don't lead or know how to belay). I got into climbing after watching some climbers on the grand wall of the chief through binoculars I was so enraptured so obsessed with what they were doing it was awesome. I am pretty good with ropes but I have no experience on multi pitch climbs so don't know how to stack the rope when you bring up a second
  3. mentor

    14 exactly explaining my predicament how many 14 year old traddies and alpinsts do you see. sport is getting BLOODY BORING I want to go to the next level and that's placing gear
  4. mentor

    actually not but I apriciate you being helpful
  5. mentor

  6. mentor

    ok ice is out i pretty much realized this as soon as i took a look at my gear...... what about some easy trad climbs when the rocks dry I pretty much just want to get out there and climb something i know it's a boring route but south side of Adams anyone (in spring)
  7. mentor

    oh and i can ski pretty steep stuff and know avy stuff but don't have a transceiver probe or shovel
  8. mentor

    I don't climb ice but i want to i have a ice axe but no pons and just hiking boots I red point abut .10a-b on lead and onsight about .8 i have a rope and a bunch of draws and some slings and other sport gear I haven't done much alpinisim but i want to learn I live on Bainbridge island wow that was gear-centric
  9. mentor

    Hi I am looking for a mentor to teach me trad and alpine\ice climbing I'm available most weekends so thanks oh I also have to note I give a good belay and am willing to second many pitches to learn the skills
  10. Jamming primers in Leavenworth

    just boulder the cube crack at clamshell once you get good the start is the crux but then it is plugger hands but it pretty highball
  11. sorry i have been in Leavenworth jer c it would be awesome to climb with some one my age i haven't been to mountain school and i am not as super fit as you but i would be glad to be climb with you
  12. yep I hike a TON and I have done a bunch of snow and rock climbing and ski mountaineering and I am proficient technically
  13. climbing in Squamish

    I live on bainbridge what weekends
  14. Hi everyone I am looking for someone to climb the success cleaver with me next spring break unfortunately I am only 14 and I have yet to find any one to climb with. if you are interested just post and please I would like to climb with some one who is experienced. thanks L.M.B.D