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  1. Soloing Rainier

    Whoa...What a Big 'ol Can we opened up here. I am absolutely thrilled about this dialogue. Thank you. I value most opinions so far. Some of my favorite advice has been from 'spotly' and 'mattp' Thanks a lot. FYI all- I do have a fair bit of judgment from soloing other places along with a fair bit of glacial navigation and crevasse rescue training. Having never set foot on said mountain, however, I'm using this forum to probe a bit more than: -my ego, judgment, experience can give (over-confidence? or correct competence?) -my Rainier exp. climbing buddies' encouragement, -the books can tell you, -the rangers and nasayers say, -what some dude at the bar sprays at you It'll be really fun if/when I actually do it (with or without a team) and take a look back at what people said to see what made sense.
  2. Soloing Rainier

    Now we're talkin'! What I'm really looking for if i solo is something along the lines of- Hotlum/winton on Shasta, or Hood south side (done both). I definitely can handle a few crevasses here and there and some 30-40 degree ice along with choss which I'm undoubtedly an expert. I don't want something too too burly as I only have a couple 3 days - and at least 1 will have to be spent 'aclimatising' Thanks for all advice from you vets out there!
  3. Soloing Rainier

    Great advice by all! Maybe another way to ask (I think that asking IS a good thing for anyone to do no matter what their exp. level. Keeps folks like me outta trouble...) Is there anyone that can solo Rainier with (calculated) safety? What skills would a good soloist possess over a roped team? Thanks
  4. Soloing Rainier

    Thanks for the responses so far... I guess my main questions are not 'how to do it and survive' or ' how to get permission' but more: "Can any climber with reasonable glacial reading/walking and 3rd class experience go up and down Rainier without falling into a crevasse or getting hit by rocks? Is the route well marked?" Thanks
  5. Soloing Rainier

    Hey, I'm coming from out of town, and have a few days to climb in the Cascades. I'm thinking about soloing the Dissapp. Cleaver on Rainier. Any beta from someone experienced with it? Is it relatively safe for somebody with a little bit of glacial mountaineering experience, crevasse reading, etc? I've also read that people 'hook in' with other teams. Is there etiquette around that? Ed
  6. Hello David, My name is Ed and I am reponding to your post. I recently put a post up under 'partners' too, looking for someone to do the Emmons or DC route. I have a fair bit of moderate glacier work. I am planning to be in the area when you are looking to climb. Please email me or call 612-790-7873 if I can join your team. Ed
  7. Short Notice Weeklong- Various Peaks

    I'm interested. Please call me @ 612-790-7873 Ed
  8. Looking to get up Rainier in mid- late August. I'm a flatlander coming to SeaTac for my second experience in WA. I have somewhat of a piecemeal resume for glacial exp. DenaliButt,Hoodelliot,etc. Looking to join a team or find a partner.