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  1. Nice work guys. Route looks great! Got a kick out of your write-up Dave, as usual.
  2. One stinky sock makes deluxe bedding for a Martha's Place packrat. No mystery there.
  3. Nice job. Nice, too, to hear that the routes are getting some traffic. Access up that stream bed to "Martha's" can vary wildly in early season depending on the amount of runoff during the day and where it wants to surface. Later in the summer it will be dry all the time. That anchor you missed at the top of the first (real) pitch can be found by climbing about 12' up to the top of the feature with the two spaced bolts, then exit to the right, climbing over a heavily pruned cedar onto a ledge with a bolted anchor above. From there it's easy to wander up and right to the next pitch via ramping ledges. Glad you enjoyed it!
  4. That notch is a shortcut to a bad time. Went up it a couple years ago. Once. There's easy passage over the ridgeline farther west of the notch where the rock fades out to heather. Go down through fairly open forest, traverse over toward the base of the upper wings of the wall (passing just below the nasty notch), then angle down weaving through moderate terrain along the base of the wall until you get to the first real pitch of CS. Obviously, going up this route is a quicker way to get to Salish (but less sporting for those of you who can pull of the whole experience in one shot). Note: On second approach pitch, go up right side of the feature (to now obvious start) where it's easy and protectable, traverse left to anchors as you reach even easier ground. Note: Bolts were tightened Sat. Winter weather,sloughing ice, water, etc. can move and loosen hardware (has even flattened hangers on Blueberry Hill (and Mt.Garfield?)). Enjoy!