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  1. Verb duche (infinitive duchar) First-person singular present subjunctive form of duchar (Spanish, meaning 'to shower') So if Deadhorse has 8+ miles of tubage counting the Masochist Maze, why is it listed on Caverbob's Site as being number 28 with 2.735 miles of tube? We should be claiming 7th place, I think. Some of the other entries fire the imagination: 25. Waste Management System 136. Skin Mites (this one's in Skamania County! Proud and curious!) 137. Oozing Red Puka 156. Pauahau Civil Defence Cave 237. bat-infested lava tube Checking out the Caves by State list for WA shows a big one in King County, must be from Cave Ridge?
  2. Drift looks slick, but waterproof to 1.7 feet? I can't even take it into the tub! The 180 feet of the Go Pro is a huge selling point, although the basic controls are almost a big of a drawback. Too bad the Drift controls can't be meshed with the Go Pro camera hardware...
  3. I'd stick with a proven filter with reliability and field maintenance foremost in mind, something bombproof and easy to take care of will remove a huge risk from the trip. There are too many variables with the steripen for me to trust it on a critical large trip, particularly if one of it's internal components breaks down in the field. Hard enough to get one of those repaired or replaced stateside. I'd also pack a large supply of backup water purification tablets, chlorine dioxide preferably to avoid mixing (does chlorine dioxide kill the South American bugs? I assume so, but it's worth researching). Weight is negligible, benefits are high.
  4. Awesome work Steph, thanks very much! Caught you in the special on the North Cascades last week, during the segment on Fred Beckey - congratulations!!!
  5. Timothy who? This is the only dangerous McVie I know of!
  6. I know this is like asking for the sky, but does anyone have a breakdown of where this cash is going, exactly? It's relatively obvious that next to none of it is reaching trails, but it would be nice to know the details. GSHC, it sounds like you might have a window on this issue
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