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  1. ice gear? any interest

    Good guy to deal with! Fast shipping and crampons as described.
  2. Plastic Boots?

    So, I was at Linda Ice 9 and the temps were around -35C and my toes were very cold in my leather Scarpa Matterhorns and we had to beg off the climb. I don't want that to happen again so I have been looking for plastic boots on-line. There seems to be a very limited selection available at most retail outlets and that made me wonder... are plastics out these days? Are there other warm options (to -35C) that I should be considering?
  3. Plastic Boots?

    Unfortunately I only get to go once a year so I climb in whatever is thrown at me...
  4. WTB - Cheap AT Boot 10.5

    I am looking for a cheap AT boot to use primarily for Ice Climbing. The leathers were too cold in -31* weather at Linda Ice Nine last week!
  5. WTB - Cheap AT Boot 10.5

    I have the purple and black invernos and have climbed in them. I get too much heal lift (common problem for me) so I tried a buddies old AT boots (Koflach Tour Extrem) and was happy that I could crank them down tight(er) and limit the lift.
  6. WTT La Sportiva Makalu 45

    I am looking for some BD Sabertooth Clip crampons or similar. The Makalus are in good shape. A little pilling of the leather on the heels from gaiters and a little bit of wear around the collar but otherwise in very good condition. See attached.
  7. I bought a pair of used Invernos and they ended up too small. They are in good condition - some typical scratches on the shell but no cracks and the liners are great. Tread still looks new. SOLD - shipped - paypal only
  8. NAU

    www.nau.com Eco conscience clothing company which is going out of business. All of the items are 50% off. Many technical items with an urban twist.
  9. ... any of the following La Sportivas: Makalu in 44 Trango S GTX in 44 Glacier in 44 I bought the Makalus off ebay and they are a bit big so I am looking for something that will fit better. The boots are in good condition: the leather needs to be treated, the tread is in excellent condition and the leather around the cuff shows wear. I would be looking for something in similar condition. PM me if interested or if you have any other offers.
  10. WTT: La Sportiva Makalus in a 45 for...

    I would be willing to sell these boots (make an offer) or trade for other items. If anyone has a reasonable trade to offer let me know.
  11. Tent (North F) Bag & downpants (Feathered Friends)

    PM sent about the tent.
  12. I have a rope and a bunch of slings that are approx. 5 years old. All have been used for less than 40 days of top roping and seem to be in excellent condition (no soft spots, abrasions, lead falls, ill expsures, etc). All have been stored in plastic bins in a climate controled environment. It seems that the rope should still be safe but I have read that any rope looses elasticity after that amount of time and that it should be replaced. Thoughts?
  13. FS: Umbilical - $50

  14. patagonia sale!!

    Can you elaborate on the differences?
  15. When to Retire a Rope and Slings

    I wouldn't say I am questioning the rope's integrity as much as I am questioning the veracity of the statement that 5 year old ropes should be retired. If I hadn't read that I would have never given it a second thought to head out to the crag and top rope on it. I am really wondering how much damage time does compared to usage.
  16. FS - Various Ice Gear

    PM sent on the S12s
  17. DAS Parka - $100

    I just ordered mine. Not a huge fan of the color but it's all about function rather than fashion for me.
  18. Warmest gloves in the universe?

    What about freezer gloves? I read this article about tips and tricks and the guy likes them for ice climbing. Anybody tried 'em?
  19. Wow, that's a lot of Fs... Anyway, I called Camp USA to get front points for my Ice Runners and they said they had some but they weren't in inventory so they would send them to me for free. When they arrived they were the front points for the Foot Fangs. I don't and won't need them so if anyone does just ping me and I will send them off.
  20. FREE Foot Fang Front Points

    I still have them. Send me a PM with your shipping information and I will send them out.
  21. crampon straps

    I have an older set of crampons and they need new straps. Can you make straps? If so, anyone have instructions? If not, where can you buy straps? Thanks in advance.
  22. crampon straps

    You got it... I am looking for the Grivel style show above (actually just found some). I have the style show below and one of the plastic clasps broke. Additional I got a replacement toe bail with a safety strap so I want to replace the current ones with the style show above. Thanks for the responses.
  23. I am looking for a cheap pair of alpine touring boots. I want to try em out for ice climbing and I don't want to spend much money. Anyone have anything in a 28.5 or 10.5?
  24. crampon straps

    No, not the old style... I am just looking to replace an ankle strap with a strap that goes through a toe bail safety strap...