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  1. Mt. Stuart in Winter

    Hey everyone, been a while since I've logged on, but I thought there might be some input here on this. I am considering climbing Mt. Stuart the beginning of february. Does anyone have input, ie. recommendations for gear, routes etc... I can't find anything on reports for this time of year, and any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Justin
  2. Mt. Stuart in Winter

    My experience: Took a 30 day NOLS course and climbed Dome Peak, Monte Cristo, and Glacier Peak. Also climbed Rainier vie Kautz glacier, soloed Adams last summer, and am a decent rock climber (can do 11's). Although I'm an experienced skier and know avalanche terrain etc... very well, my experience in winter mountaineering is pretty limited. Thanks all, I appreciate the help. cheers, Justin
  3. Mt. Stuart in Winter

    Possibly the "cascadian couloir? but from the little I know so far about the mountain there could be a lot of avalanch danger in the gully?....sounds like a good summer climb, but I'm having trouble finding advice on a winter climb that takes into account the obstacles the season presents...so it's still definitely up in the air.