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  1. Sexy woman of the week award

    far from the trailhead, who's gonna care?
  2. You don't know what love is

  3. Can anyone steer me toward free car-camping sites in the Wallowas?
  4. Michael Moore the Fraud

    matt, please stop interrupting jay's soliloquy. The sound of anyone else's voice wrecks his mood, and he has to start all over again at foreplay. Your unwelcome intrusions are wreaking havoc on his supplies of vaseline and baby wipes.
  5. God's Army

    Slow at first, but worth the wait R7bUHjHsMYE
  6. Recumbent Bikes/Trikes anyone?

    Get some perspective guys- although recumbents might not be cool enough for you, there's no reason to trash FW or his interest in them. Anything that motivates folks to bike more and drive less is awesome. More power to you, Fairweather.
  7. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    if wit fails, you can always fall back on the crowd-pleasing goodness of the internet tough-guy persona!
  8. The Bellevue Rant Thread

    U R WINNAR -N- AWESOMESTUFF! can I visit your town?
  9. Joining Sewn Slings

    Use a biner. Given the lower diameter and lower melting point of dyneema, you'll likely sever or weld a girth hitch.
  10. Catbird's literalism has just fueled my good humor for another day.
  11. Brass Balls Solo Vid

  12. I am a true patriot

    remind me not to trust weather forecasts or stock picks from KK
  13. the pros & cons of hitchhiking

    hell on wheels
  14. OLY CLIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!