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  1. After all that's happened in the past year..

    Lucky for me our little ones are just the fur-covered variety. Ducknut-I don't get it. Am I just dense?
  2. After all that's happened in the past year..

    Anyone recognize this peak? http://bp1.blogger.com/_C0WHpu4nqfQ/RoXrDrfEOlI/AAAAAAAAAWE/Kx1A1RB_GQM/s1600-h/JohnsonRidge_6-26-2007+007.jpg *disclaimer-this is not me, but it is from a website dedicated to hiking in the nude in the NW.
  3. After all that's happened in the past year..

    Wow. I haven't been so lucky. I've only seen them on tv.
  4. After all that's happened in the past year..

    No need for a loin cloth. Haven't you heard about the naked hikers?
  5. After all that's happened in the past year..

    Most of my hiking (unless it's an approach to a climb) is alone. My favorite overnight backpacking trip ever was solo and I've never had an epic. I took a map and knew exactly where I was. The scariest part about the whole deal for me is other people that are out there, but the stats for sickos attacking people in the woods is still probably lower than in suburbs.
  6. favorite obscure classical composer/music?

    I know-he's not run of the mill, but he's probably one of the most recognizable classical compossers since many of his songs have been used in movies and commercials (the Piano is the best example). I figured that puts him way out of the obscure category, but he's still my fave. I agree-he did write some demanding peices. I'm still trying to learn Fantasie Impromptu, which is 3 against 4 rhythm for about half of the song.
  7. favorite obscure classical composer/music?

    Chopin for me. I have a lifetime goal of learning to play all of his works, but for now I've only knocked out a couple of Preludes, a handful of Nocturnes, and some Valses. eta-oops-I just read the "obscure" part. I guess Chopin could be considered run of the mill, but he's still my favorite.
  8. Poison Ivy/Oak? in Wash Pass and/or Leavenworth?

    Def. poison oak. I'm unfortunately an expert on the subject. I would get it so bad when I was little that I had to miss a week of school every couple of years. One particular time I remember it covered my face so bad that my eye swelled shut and I looked like the elephant man. Wish I had pics. Put the affected area under running hot water-as hot as you can stand, then let it dry and cover with calamine lotion. Take benadryl and get a shot (cortisone?) from the Dr. As far as how you got it, I swear I could pick it up in the wind I was so sensitive. Another culprit for me has been the dog. Dog ran through the stuff, I petted him, and for the next 2 weeks suffered through a swollen hand with blisters in between my fingers. Yuck!
  9. the queens of spray

    Thank you. That was a really tough deal.
  10. Considering Bellingham...

    The first year I moved to B-ham it rained 100 days straight. People were walking around like zombies. Was it the pot or the rain? I don't know, but yes-it's doom and gloom for a lot of the year. As far as the job lead I didn't know there were good jobs to be had there. I always figured I would have to compete with thousands of trustafarians with phd's and masters degrees just for a measly espresso job.
  11. the queens of spray

    Yep. That's me getting my butt kicked at Index. You can probably tell by the expression on my face that I'm still trying to figure out my crack climbing technique.
  12. the queens of spray

    Ok, Ok, you've pulled me out of hiding. Now that I'm back in my natural habitat, I've been spending more time digging around in the dirt than hanging out on the computer. The covergirl comment is flattering-but there seems to be a lot of cute girls here. So sorry for the lonely males of the species that just can't quite figure out how to snare one. I have to admit, that pics not the best. Here you go:
  13. Dolomites

    I didn't get to climb in the Dolomites, but spent some time in the area. If you have a chance on a rest day, I would suggest you check out Lago di Garda-one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. It's not far from el Arco if you are interested in sport routes. There are castles everywhere in that region, but this one was especially rad because of the water. It's in Sirmione:
  14. George W.

    Come on now-he's not that bad of a guy. He's just desperate for a little lovin'...
  15. Question for stairmaster users / owners

    If you already have an elliptical, it would be a good idea to get a completely different type of equipment because the movement on the two is very similar. Go for a recumbant bike and you'll be able to mix up the routine.