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  1. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    To vertical hiker, I think I met a couple of your fellow climbers at KBC in 2007. Nice guys.....Gratz on your %80 summit success rate. 25 pages. Holy #$!*, I guess there are a lot of people with idle time at their disposal. If climbers are looking for "peace and solitude" in camp, they might want to look at other objectives within the Alaska Range.
  2. 3 man denali tents

    I would have to agree with genepires on this. A NF VE-25 and Megamid combo is a pretty good tent set up for the West Buttress of Denali (if that is your intended route). Freakishly light 3 person tents are cool and useful, but unless you intend to pop on over to the W. Rib (or something more difficult...)I would save your money and go with the VE-25 and the Megamid (BTW, the Meagmid Light is just that- it's crazy light). If one of your buddies is opposed to sleeping in the cook tent, you could always opt for the larger MH Trango 4. I think the Trango 4 is not that much heavier than the VE-25 and dispersed between three climbers, the weight is quite reasonable for the West Buttress.
  3. Must Have Denali Gear

    A good book is always hard to beat when climbing the West Buttress (although the megamid is a close second.....). Try to avoid caching (sp?) any of your expensive items as there has been an increasing frequency of 'ol cache thievery as of late.