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  1. Beacon

    charlie don't surf brah
  2. Beacon Rock Stories

    HAHA... that's who ivan is referring too... it's to bad those two never met.
  3. Beacon Rock Stories

    sorry to hear that David, last time i climbed with Ken was in Colorado a few years back. He was a great friend and somewhat of a big brother. RIP Ken... Andrew
  4. current song in your head

  5. current song in your head

  6. A Budget of Dumb Asses

  7. Insert Caption

    this "crossfit" shit has got out of hand....
  8. Repubs save schoolchildren

    spray=repubs save schoolchildren
  9. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    Yeah, boring. I was at a party of old Valley guys back in March down in Jtree, my first visit there because I'd always avoided it and Vedauwoo like the plague. After one day climbing there I couldn't bail for Red Rocks fast enough - the basic movement was just that, intolerably boring. maybe u just suck at jamming like others suck at face climbing. you proly don't like yosemite much either. you say u like to climb on sandstone mostly, you otta try indian creek some time. i think you'd really like it. joseph, you just need to get laid. maybe you need a little strange to spice up your life.
  10. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    [video:youtube]03udLvtNR6Y that roof looked pretty boring.
  11. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    BORING? [video:youtube]R8zg2n_OIuQ
  12. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    I'm saying that a hip belay with a single non-locking carabiner through your harness loops on the side of the rope going to the climber is absolutely as solid as any device of any kind. From your comments here I can tell I wouldn't want to be in the position of taking falls on you doing a hip belay. Ditto for several of you guys. Again, hip belaying, outside of some wank alpine version, clearly hasn't been a part of the culture up here. It's pretty much the same with the Beacon crew as well, none of them have any real experience with getting technical with hip belaying or holding big falls rock climbing. all you guy's down at beacon are complete and total wanks, sounds like you fit it in quite nicely.
  13. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    i would think a climber would be a well rounded climber who has equal experience on many different types of stone , like a carpenter who has worked with many types of wood and just not one. i get the impression you're not a very well rounded climber and one who is still having his day at that...
  14. A-B-C when using munter (necessary?)

    you strike me as a person who rarely belays but is always belayed. it's a great thread and it seems like the the older experienced folks disagree as much as the younger less experienced. does older always mean more experienced? flight time has to come into play at some point