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  1. Trip: Ski In 2012 - Whistler, Hinkhouse-ish, Silver Star -


    Date: 5/11/2012


    Trip Report:

    Headed up to WA Pass last weekend to do some skiing. Left on Friday morning from Seattle. Didn't make the best time because of a false start due to a forgotten backpack, Jack In The Box for a lunch/breakfast, and stop at Darrington Shell station for provisions. Given that we weren't making great time and the superb weather we took the oppourtnity to pull over at some of the pull-offs to take a look at Colonial and Hozomeen through the binocs.


    It was about 12:30 by the time we passed Rainy Pass so our motivation to do a big tour was waning. We pulled over at the Bridge Creek TH and decided to ski what I later found out to be Whistler Mountain. We packed light grabbed a couple of 22's and headed up. The snow was great and we skied down just in time to meet our buddy who was coming over from Spokane.









    He was eager to ski after getting a late start due to work so we debated on what to ski next. We ended up just parking at the WA Pass overlook road and headed up toward Hinkhouse Peak. We made it down just in time to ski corn before it got crusty.






    The next day we met up with the Ski In folks and skied Silverstar. It got pretty warm on the approach up to the larches. But the ski down was all good. Decided to go skiers right on the descent figuring the aspect was a little less cooked. Great snow the whole way down. We then retired to the cabin property and had beers and brats. All in all a great weekend and thanks to Dave and Kurt for the hospitality. It was a good time with good people.








  2. Pope and I have a secret MTB project that is all at once audacious in concept, spectacular in its successful implementation, and certain to offend the climbing world. (Like that takes much :rolleyes:) Stay tuned, bitches.


    Lemme guess... seatposts but no saddles?

  3. kevbone, you ruined my thread.



    Is this better?






    So you got the entire internet at your fingertips and these are your two choices? Really?


    Air tight?


    Oh and +1

  4. So what exactly does "backcountry" ski patrol do? One of the beauties of backcountry skiing is the absence of ski patrol and all of the tasks they typically perform. I’m just having a hard time reconciling one of the major things that defines inbounds skiing with the backcountry. Maybe I’m thinking about this wrong and it’s just a search and rescue type group.


    "Our goal is to be the recognized leader in avalanche and mountain travel and rescue training within the region..."

    What is that statement all about? Whose recognition are you seeking? I could see this being some kind of MLU flavored regulation being talked about in Olympia after some accident.


  5. I thought most of the discussion has centered around the legal issue of torture and not moral one. Both the killing of civilians and torture are indefensible by any reasonable standard of morality.


    Point is, if we hung people at Nuremberg for the exact same acts our government sanctioned. We should then apply the same standards to ourselves. Unfortunately, as JosephH stated we continue to disregard the constitution and rule of law in favor of political gains and cronyism.


    As for protectionism, I think both parties can be found equally guilty. Even the ole Gipper.

  6. As for Bristol, well, um, I'm probably the father. Did I omit that from my TR? Not to worry; the consent age in Alaska is, like, 9. I fucked the lights out of Mom, too, but the mongoloid kid...definitely not mine. I practiced abstinence, which is 99.99999999999... effective. I.e, anal only.




    You're about as vile as it gets. And a DNC activist too. Can't imagine why anyone would vote Republican. :noway:


    what do you expect from a hate-filled person with no purpose in life?


    We know his real name. How 'bout we link his bile here to an email and send it to the state D-party HQ? Might cost him that (fantasy-only) delegate job he likes to brag about. :rolleyes:



    Come on, you could do better. What about Hitler and the Nazi's? If you were to liken his views to their views you surely would have won this argument.

  7. "Just from what little I’ve seen of her and Mr. Obama, Sen. Obama, they're a member of an elitist-class individual that thinks that they're uppity," Westmoreland said. Asked to clarify that he used the word “uppity,” Westmoreland said, “Uppity, yeah.”


    I cringed during the DNC when Jimmy Carter, in that sweet southern drawl, after saying how excited he was that the country has come this far, said something like Obama was a real bright Boy. Called dude a boy. I cringed.


    BTW, having Republicans in will help balance the democratic controlled congress. McCain has spoken publicly that supreme court justices should be picked with NO litmus test on abortion, and that they must not be the type that legislates from the bench, but are judging from strictly constitutional principles. I'm leaning towards Obama, but I suspect he'll fuc*k the country up pretty bad.


    Palins comment rang true with me and cracked me up: "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities." :lmao:


    What has Obama done? Seriously, hes never had to meet a payroll or create a single job. Ever. "Community organizer" sounds like a person who fills out government forms to try to get government grants for "The Community". Is that and being a lawyer now seriously now a qualification to be President?


    Those who don't think Obama will f*up this country real bad are running on wishful thinking. I wish I wish I wish all you want, he has NO track record.



    ".....a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities." :lmao:


    Think about that.


    Are you one of these dumbassed "independent swing voters" that needs a refresher course or a recap every time someone makes a speech or have you been asleep for the last six months? If you want to know what Obama's record of service looks like why don't you do some internet research.

    I did and the word "present" came up a lot.


    Present eh? Let's play match that ticket.



    -BA Columbia

    -Harvard Law Magna Cum Laude

    -Taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School


    -University Delaware

    -Syracuse Law




    -Naval Academy (rank 894 of 899)

    -Served as Officer in Vietnam


    -University of Idaho

    -Sports reporter intern


    Which resume belongs to which party?

  8. The Aurora Bridge has lanes narrower than commonly allowed, and has been the scene of several deadly accidents. I have also seen cars traveling in excess of 60 MPH on that road. Is this really a speed trap, or are they trying to keep the general public safe from dangerous assholes?


    It's good to know all the rapes, murders, and robberies have been solved and the man hours are now available for such important crimes.

  9. mccain_600.111.jpg


    "One day you're awkwardly humping away in a backseat after the hockey game; the next you're standing next to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at his party's convention. Only in America!"


    This is the best way to get famous!


    Oh be fair now, this young mans dreams of "I don't want kids" and being a "fuckin redneck" are now shattered because he made the mistake of pulling the goalie.

  10. mccain_600.111.jpg


    "One day you're awkwardly humping away in a backseat after the hockey game; the next you're standing next to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at his party's convention. Only in America!"


    Well there's a starting point of something we can both agree on anyway. I can't say when I got all crotchety, but sure as shit it happened at some point. I was climbing with a fella Saturday, we were talking and I was quite a bit older than his father as it turns out, and this guy was a college grad too. BTW, I didn't realize you were a girl. I still harbor angry anti-authoritarian feelings because it is in my upbringing and I'm still a sad and mean old man. This is excaberated due to who you represent (and what they are in actuality) and how you come across in your first sorry assed post on this site.


    Furthermore, I reserve the word "dickless" as a derogatory for men who are spineless weasels, types that I would just kick in the balls if they were present (and spoke the kind of shit you just layed down), of which I originally thought you were one.


    I misspoke somewhat.


    But not by much....and we should still all be working to get you and your entire sorry crews ass's defunded so you can go do something productive and real while we take OUR money and put it someplace productive: and in unison and in harmony: we should ALL saw every damn sign you asswipes put up. EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTIME.


    My supervisor had been reading this thread while I was away from the office. Now she's wondering if you all are a bunch of tired old burn outs, or Timothy McVie wanna be's. She is Jewish, and views the Nazi analogies very dimly. I think your a bunch of loud mouthed idiots, of no real consequence. She thinks some of you may be dangerous


    Hard at work eh?

  12. I think this is very insulting to "cunts", by which, I presume you mean women? perhaps republicans=steaming piles, or something like that...

    where the fuck did you get this idea? cunt is a quite popular british expression basically describing a dumb fuck.


    This isn't Britain, cunt.

    whom do you call cunt you fucking cunt. go and feltch on some republican ass


    I could call you a skinny gizz-guzzling slot, but I'm not sure what that means in British. :brew:


    1. C-word was totally used properly to begin with, anyone who thinks otherwise is a retarded prude that needs to ride public transit more often. You can call anyone a cunt. Try it, it's totally awesome.


    2. This Glassgowkiss dude is probably the most awesome guy on this site. Way to have a euphemism for a headbutt as your name and use c-word in a thread title. Bravo Sir, bravo.