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  1. Skis, boots, packs, and clothes

    What are the waist and inseam measurements on the OR Cirque and MH Alchemy pants?
  2. FS: alpine climbing harness XL

    What brand/model is it?
  3. various climbing books, kong helmet

    I'll take the Horst and Twight books. PM sent.
  4. For Sale: Gently Used Trad Rack

    Are the DMM nuts still available?
  5. For Sale: Gently Used Trad Rack

    I'm next in line on your nuts (how gay does that sound?!)
  6. Got the picks. Thanks!
  7. Could not get thru on the email given: delivery failed.
  8. FS: Scottish Wool Balaclava and Kinco 901 Gloves

    Is the Balaclava still for sale?
  9. Misc Ski Gear and Pack

    What size are the OR overboots?
  10. Wild Things Belay Pants

    Are these pants still available? What is the inseam measurement?
  11. FS - Ultra-light Approach Ski Setup

    Is 1.1 kg each the weight with the binding?
  12. SOLD

    PM sent
  13. petzl charlet crampons

    Please provide model name, condition, and/or pictures.
  14. Do these toe bails have the extra 270 degree curl on each side or do they just look like all non-Grivel toe bails?
  15. Yard Sale

    If the mittens are shells I'll take them.