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  1. Years and years ago, I started gearing up, reading, strength training, etc., for climbing. Never happened, never gonna, so I have a fair amount of gear for severe conditions (I was pretty extreme about spending all the overtime money I got on gear and was going to thin it down when done trying things) that I'm going to selling off now (besides, I could really use the money right now). Anyway, I have an original unused Bibler (not Black Diamond) I-Tent, Big Wall version, made for a Portaledge (I don't have the vestibule or the Portaledge). I bought it Marmot, so it's not a prototype or anything like that - it's the real deal. I figure it's worth really good money to the right type of climber, but wondering where I'd find the right buyers, and I'd like get it into the hands of someone who could really use it (it's heavier than a standard I-Tent because of the extra features for ledges and tie-in - it would be a shame to cut off the extras and use it on the ground only). I see the Black Diamond version (made in China, not the USA like the Bibler version) went out of production at $700, and that was not the Big Wall version. Bottom line, where would I find the right people to buy it, and what are some opinions on what it would be worth?
  2. FS: Ibex Wool Hoody - $75

    PM sent.
  3. NASA's Crater-climbing robot

    NASA site CalTech site May also be useful someday to deliver rescue gear or help with retrieval for climbers in trouble in dangerous places.
  4. For Sale: Custom Mchale Pack

    Not a criticism, but it would help if some sizing information was posted. Waist belt? Back height? Here's a good example of how to measure back height, with no comment on the vendor being good or bad. http://www.gregorypacks.com/us/index.php/Gregory/Pack-Fit/packfit.html Another example: http://www.ospreypacks.com/PackTech/SizingandFitting/ Any idea on weight of the pack empty? Volume of the pack? Liters, or how many milk cartons or whatever? (comparable to how others measure, since McHale uses a different approach to measuring volume). Material? This changed a lot over the years from a heavy Cordura to more Spectra-entwined fabrics. Year made? This affects whether it has things like the Bypass Shoulder Harness. http://mchalepacks.com/sarc/04.htm
  5. New Speed Record on El Capitan

    SF Chronicle article.
  6. WTB: McHale or Gregory Pack

    Just looked at nwhikers and saw this: http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7968880 http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7969152
  7. SOLD--MH Pack $60

    PM sent.
  8. WTB: Overboots, Sleeping bag VBL, ect

    Where'd you get the high-density foam? I need some for some insulated gaiters I have that have open-cell foam (open-cell is for step-in crampons, and closed-cell is for strap-on/hybrid. The closed-cell is to prevent so much compression that they no longer have any insulating value). I asked Marmot, FF, and OR, and nobody could tell me where to get some I could cut to size.
  9. FS: K2 Mt. Baker Super Light Skis!

    I'll buy them. PM sent.
  10. Helmets for Mountaineering?

    Good discussion, and pretty much in line with what I expected. Again, not wanting to create tension, and sorry if some of that has happened. Two things worth pointing out: - rbw1966 was right about the instructors reasons. The instructor said he wanted her to have a helmet that could take repeated hits. His reasoning was that multiple hits are much more common when Alpine climbing, where it would be unusual while Rock climbing. He didn't mention any concerns about hits while attached to a pack. - I definitely don't want to be hostile towards the instructor, or undermine his authority. He does care about his students, is doing his best (for free), and cannot be expected to know everything. I just wanted to collect a better cross-section of opinions from experienced climbers (well, that and see if she really needs to go out and buy another helmet). Any comments on the Ice Axe with the Axe-S attachment? If this is too small an issue to merit comment, that makes sense, just asking.
  11. Helmets for Mountaineering?

    A friend of mine is in training with a popular climbing club right now, and she showed up for Ice Axe training today with a Petzl Meteor III ( REI, Petzl), only to have the instructor tell her it was unacceptable for anything but rock climbing. I know it's polystyrene and can only take one hard hit before needing replacement, but nothing I've read in FoTH, or online, or heard from climbers, has said this. So I'm not looking to incite an argument, but wondering what the climbers here have to say. This instructor insisted on polycarbonate helmets like the Ecrin Roc, or the Elios. Of course, the same teacher told her that her axe was attached to her pack all wrong because she was using the Axe-S attachments on a Mountain Hardware pack... (Axe-S uses a metal tab that goes through the head of the axe with a thin bungie, so you don't have to do the drop-and-flip, then wrap the shaft. There's an example in this photo.)
  12. FS: Intuition mountaineering boot liners

    I don't want to continue something this small (it's not like anything really bad happened here, they're just gaiters, and nobody ended up injured or imprisoned), but I will add a note, and I understand if you want to comment again on my comments. I don't think I left anything out, and you didn't show anything I left out. Your email confirmation sounded more casual, and here it is exactly: "Tonight is fine around 6:30" That didn't mean to me it was confirmed and don't be late. It meant it worked for you as a time. OK, even if you assume that was an airtight scheduled event, I has a half-hour late making the call. During that half-hour, nobody called me to ask if I was late or what was happening. At that half-hour point, nobody answered when I called them, making me wonder if they were really sitting at home watching the precious 30 minutes tick by. In fact, I didn't even get a return call for another 60 minutes. I was never warned that I the deal was off if I ran late. You are right that people can flake out on deals like this. Anyway, I don't wish anything bad here, and I am sorry I ran a little late, which I said in my msg and when we talked.
  13. FS: Intuition mountaineering boot liners

    Buyer beware, the seller may sell to someone else after agreeing on a sale to you. I sent 3 PMs, 2 emails, confirmed a price, items, address, sent a phone number, etc. I mentioned tonight between 6-6:30, maybe later, or tomorrow. I called at 7, no answer, left a message. An hour later I got a call saying one of the items was already sold because I hadn't called by 6:30. Note that I never got a call asking if I was coming or anything. Your mileage may vary, but that was my experience.