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  1. Thanks for the info. I think we are going to give it a try. Are ice screws necessary for the standard route? Axe and a second tool?
  2. Arrive in Paris August 8 and depart out of Rome August 20 for the honeymoon (second time around for both of us so not a traditional type thing). The soon to be has agreed to devote a few days in the Alps. Is Mount Blanc worth climbing? In August? Worth the hassle of draggging gear over to Europe? The better half has some expereience (Rainier, Hood and the like) but I'm not going to get her to agree to anything technical or sustained. For obvious reasons climbing on my own this trip is out of the question. Thoughts?
  3. Mount Shuksan

    Given the weather forecast I elected to climb Black Peak instead - further east and not nearly as long of drive for me.
  4. Mount Shuksan

    Thinking I'd like to climb Shuksan this weekend. Anybody have a estimate of the amount of snow remaining in the chimneys? Summit pitch rock scramble or snow?
  5. Hood south side route

    Left timberline @ 3:00 am. Weather was clear, cold and windy. Reached the Hogsback @ sunrise - very windy with a number of dark clouds moving in. Appeared that we were the only two on the hill. Given the poor weather forecast and a partner who has not climbed much we elected to bail and spent the day skiing at ski basin. Watched the mountain all day - never cleared but did not apppear to be a major storm on top either. Likely give it a go again in May.
  6. Hood south side route

    The reports I've read suggest it should start to clear on Sunday afternoon. I'll make a "game day" decision. Pretty sure I don't need to be the next news story on Hood.
  7. Hood south side route

    Thanks for the info. Seems like the best option on this trip is to bear left and use the "old chute". I'll haul along a couple of light screws - that way I will be assured that I won't need them. Seems like I always lug some gear that never gets used. Better safe than sorry ....
  8. Hood south side route

    I'm thinking of climbing the south side route on Monday. I've seen a few reports that suggest the route is a little more steep than usual. I've climbed this route a handful of times but its been a number of years since I was last on it and I'm taking a person who has only climbed a few times - will I likely need to set a belay? If so screw or picket?