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  1. I have dozens of photos of that peak taken from the road and often wondered if anyone would ever tackle that wall. Fantastic photos, thanks for posting so many. Some editions of Carl Dreisbach's out of print Middle Fork guide do have a description of climbing this 3880' peak he called Ravensbeak. No names are official, of course, and yours at least adds onto the Preacher theme. His description was for your descent route. He writes ... Ravensbeak (3880') From the end of a short road [now the Pratt River Bar road/trail], boat across the river to a rocky gully. Follow animal trails up the left side of the first side stream. At 3300' traverse right to the main gully, go to a notch, then climb class 2 to the top, an obvious cliff-sided hill viewed from the road. After mid-May, some brush develops at about 3000' Carl was known for scrambling crazy steep routes and had a penchant for gully routes. I've explored part way up what I understand to be his route but it was in the winter and I turned around at steep snow. I'll be back some day, but I doubt I'll consider it class 2. Monty VanderBilt (puzzlr@nwhikers.net)
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