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  1. Selling an essentially new pair of Grivel G12 New-Matic crampons for $100. These have never been worn outside and look like it. I can meet in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area and out I-90 a bit. Shipping is an option but I'd add that to the price of the crampons.
  2. Selling a 65cm Black Diamond Raven ice axe for $50. It has some scuffing lower down and almost no wear on the head. Includes covers and leash. I can meet in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area and out I-90 a bit. Shipping is an option but I'd add that to the price of the axe.
  3. I am selling a pair of lightly used La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTXs in size 43.5 (10.5) for $275. They have seen light climbing, most of which was on snow/ice and very little rock so they are in good shape with lots of tread/rand. They have the volume liner and a pair of green superfeet inside. I can meet in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area and out I-90 a bit. Shipping is an option but I'd add that to the price of the boots.
  4. Vantage Parking Permit - what's the deal?

    So just to clarify, do you need the fishing pass that comes with a fishing license and hangs from your mirror (the new ones) or do you need a Norhwest Forest Pass like Archenemy posted a link for? I have a fishing pass and don't want to pay/can't afford getting screwed out of 60+ dollars.
  5. Fly Fishing anyone?

    Thanks for the help, I will probably wait it out and see what happens after the lakes warm up. Untill I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for some spots - all of which will probably be not so secret since I climb, hike and fish were tons of other people do too (Seattle and north).
  6. Fly Fishing anyone?

    So I searched for fish and nothing came up. I know that there are many fly fishing sites out there, but any any of you fly fishers? Where do yo suggest getting to to make some casts? I have heard that alpine fish are nasty little guys and for the size put a wicked fight. I am a big supporter of barbless catch and release so don't worry about destroying stock. Any suggestions?
  7. Synthetic jacket for Cascade Summer Use?

    A friend of mine got (and returned) a Micropuff jacket. That same guy has the older micropuff pullover snapped vest that is really a piece of work. He loved so he got the jacket too and it is cut so stange, that his skinny self could curl up and almost sleep in it. The delta filling is sweet, but the cut of the micropuff stuff is terribly inconsistant. If you go that route try it on for sure becuase it could really be an odd fit.
  8. Boots and crampons for summer climbing

    As far as I know the Sabertooths are only for boots with at least a heel welt. My boots don't have that. These are my boots http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000&productId=47995379&parent_category_rn=4501274&vcat=REI_SEARCH. I was thinking something more along the lines of BD Contact straps or Grivel G 10. Both of those are strap on. My boots have a full shank, but are not ridgid like some La Sportivas or all Koflachs are. How big of a deal is this for kicking in steps up the side of a galcier?
  9. Boots and crampons for summer climbing

    It seems like most people don't recomend them for anything but med-hard to soft snow? Have I been reading the wrong reviews and comments? I don't plan on climbing mixed in them, but am not sure how much rocks I will scrambling over. Should I worry or just go for the light weight? I have some heavy backpacking boots (REI Spirit II GTX - made by Raichle) that are sweet and keep my feet pretty warm. that means that I wont be getting any plastics. If I need them I can rent. That is a long way of saying that I am sticking to the strap-on crampons.
  10. Lowe Alpine 40 Liter Daypack

    I have a posting on craigslist for it. Please check it out. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/296282597.html
  11. Boots and crampons for summer climbing

    I would really like to get out to learn and do some local peaks (baker, adams...) and in the future Rainier. What kind of boots and crampons am I looking for? I know that everyone says to get plastics for Rainier, but do I need them for Baker and some of the lower mtns? I also don't know what kind of crampons to look for. 10 or 12 points? The big three are BD, Petzl and Grivel, but they are all vague on where the line between Glacier Walking and Classic Mountaineering is... What do you all suggest? I intend on going into some stores in seattle when I make it down and have not turned local (I live in Bellingham - AAI) yet to answers my questions.