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  1. Harnesses for sale

    I have 3 climbing harnesses for sale: 1. A Metolius big rig harness. It has the narrower leg loops with the wide, comfy big rig waist belt. It has only been used a few times and is in excellent condition. It fits anyone with a 28 to 34 inch waist. Asking $30. 2. A Black Diamond Bod Harness. It fits anyone in the 30-34 inch waist category. It is the older, purple version with the fleece lined waist. This is a good harness for ski mountaineering or glacier travel, or for a beginner. Asking price: $15. 3. A lightweight sport climber's harness. This harness consists of a JRat waist belt with Metolius leg loops. The waist belt and leg loops are both the narrower width. It will fit someone with a 28 to 32 inch waist. This harness has seen alot of use but still has alot of life left. Asking $20. I'm in Ellensburg. The best way to reach me is over the phone at the following number (509)201-0076. Thanks.
  2. It's Spring... AKA time for Ski-In

    That's what I like to hear. Thanks snoboy. C u there!
  3. It's Spring... AKA time for Ski-In

    Dave, it's the pinhead from JH who skied Alpental with you early in the season. Got room for one or two more at the cabin memorial day? I can sleep in my truck! Thanks, Bryan