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  1. Make some money this way....

    "When I was a kid I worked at a scout camp for a summer. We had a pissing tree. Everyday about 50 of us would urinate on the poor pissing tree as many times as possible. It took all summer but we finely killed it with our piss. " ah, working with the boy scouts whipping your dick out with 50 prepubescent boys all at once...that explains alot, you fucking homo.
  2. Chugach Partner

    its that no one wants to climb with you, you piece of shit
  3. Chugach

    That's because no one likes you, dickhead
  4. whats wrong with the world?

    no reach around, just a dirty sanchez and a donkey punch
  5. whats wrong with the world?

    I'd definitely be the man in that little escapade. I can see it now, pulling on his stupid pony tail. He's screaming "oh, harder, harder! Deeper deeper!!"
  6. whats wrong with the world?

    yeah, well the punk's been talking shit for something like over two years now, for no real reason except that he religiously refuses to look beyond the internet to find partners. He refuses to even attend any sort of organized group meetings, and is so sanctimonious about his so called "climbing ethics" (ironic for a guy who blows up mountains for a living) that he alienates almost anyone who would even consider climbing with him. Then he posts on a site made upmostly of hikers and sport climbers and calls them all "wankers" and such for not climbing alpine. Fucking pussy. Needless to say, I'd fucking kick the shit out of the dwarf ashole any day of the fucking week.
  7. whats wrong with the world?

    If you're so bummed about the scene up here, why don't you fuck the hell off? All you've done as far as I can see is come up here, talk shit about folks who don't have it coming, burn bridges with the best mountaineering group up here, spend all your time talking shit on some forum, climb a few halfway decent lines and pretend you're some sort of god for doing so, and then get indignant when folks don't want to climb with you. Trust me artard, it ain't because there's a lack of serious climbers up here, its because people hate your mother-loving guts and won't give you the time of day 'cause of all the shit you talk all the goddamn time. Maybe if you stopped talking nonstop shit, you'd find more partners and less people who'd love to beat your ass. Or maybe you could go back to the Tetons and stay the fuck out of AK. Bitch.
  8. whats wrong with the world?

    Scholes and Kelley, that's about 6 alpinists that posts any little goddamn thing they do on the internet. There are dozens that don't feel the need to toot their own horn about every fucking icicle and rock that they do like you do. I personally know and have climbed with more than ten damn good alpinists that call the Anchorage area home. You know what's funny? Most of them have heard of John Kelley, and most of them have said they'd never climb with such a self-righteous asshole. If you feel the need to rely on the internet to find true "alpine climbers" and feel disappointed, howsabout you fuck the hell off, move back to wherever the hell you came from. The climbing would likely be easier down there anyways. You're not nearly as badass as you keep fucking claiming to be. You just try to sound that way. Really pathetic.
  9. hot climbing girls?

    Ah, Pamela Anderson Lee Schenkenberg Lee Michaels Rock Borat, posterchild of hepatitis. Knowing that heptatitis (depending..) is often contracted it through the ol' fashioned fecal/oral route makes it even hotter! I'd still fuck her 'till the cows come home!!
  10. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    fucking sweet dude...you rule
  11. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    You've had sand in your vagina about this for five years? That's silly dude. Not to mention impossible. It says that you both joined that forum on December of 04.
  12. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    I can't post it cause its probably considered porn, so here is a link to a super good cameltoe shot. WARNING this shows a bit of skin, but its worth it. http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c386/dario1182/Homer-Simpson-camel-toe-adult-celeb.jpg CAUTION NSFW!!!
  13. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    Youre probably right dchristo, I am reading into why JK made fun of the pic with the guy and his baby. I never got to read the original posts that were supposedly erased anyways, but I gotta think that they were probably worse than JK described. Maybe I'm wrong. Who cares. I've said my bit, time to move right along to another issue, the camel-toe
  14. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    mmmm, camel toes....wait. Not if the pictures above are any indication...
  15. Why the Alaska Mountain Forum sucks

    whatever you say dude, you'r entitled...perhaps, just maybe, I know both of these people (just in case you aren't able to se through the sarcasm of that statement, I know both of these people through firsthand experiences). A tiny difference between AK and the West Coast, most everyone knows each other up here!