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  1. We are going the standard route and I also think we'd be fine with just one each. My partner is concerned since we are a 2-person party, if one of us fell into a crevasse we'd need the extra for the Z anchor rescue. It's been a while since I've been in the mountains so I didn't argue the point.


    Alisse and DPS thank you for offering! I'll PM when I know 100% if he wants to take them. Considering how many people will be up there and how well traveled the path will be I'm going to try and talk him out of it.

  2. Was planning a trip to Rainier with my buddy and now he has had a change in employment, meaning that I now need a partner for Rainier during the dates of Feb 15-21. I'm open to idea's on routes and up for a good challenge.I have been on Rainier these same dates in 2009. Pm me if your interested and from the area. If your not, then we might can still work something out yet ie/ split car rental. Good chance I can change some flights around EX: instead of Feb 15, start Feb 16. Some interest in other mountains, been up Baker a few times but never Shuksan? Just want to CLIMB!!


    My flight into Seattle is Tuesday Feb 15, 9:45 PM.

    My flight out of Seattle is Monday Feb 21, 12:55 PM.





  3. I remember taking that same course 2 years ago, it started may 7. Personally I brought a down jacket. I think you will be fine with either seriously just be cautous of the down. My biggest problem was gloves. After 2 days of self arrests and crevase rescue they were soaked through bad, and I never got them dried out.Remember to bring spares and handwarmers arent a bad idea.

  4. So its time for a new pack for climbing and I am looking for some reviews on granite gear packs. Specifically the Granite Gear Stratus . Honestly I've not had good luck when it comes to packs, and I think one thing that I have learned is not to go"light" and skimp on comfort. This one I do like becuase of the Front access, and also the clean design. Does anyone have have any input? How are the GG frame designs. Gotta say it looks comfy to me.

  5. Thanks for posting that link. I just ordered another awax from that site. Good price, and great service. I made a mistake on the address and sent an email. With in 5 minutes I got a call about making the correction at 9 pm tonight. He also ended up having some of the "fangs" to make them leashless. Awsome!

  6. Beacon was turned partway on the hike up to Muir two weeks ago. It is basically new. Works flawless, and has been out of the box for less than a month. Not even a scratch. I would keep it, but I will not be climbing anything where this is needed, or skiing for at the least two years. So here it is. Asking 175



  7. Used twice and most recently I used them a week ago on Mt Rainier. Great boots, and walk very nice. Liners are not packed out and are in great shape. Basically these are going to be just as good as boots pulled out of a new box. They are US size 11, and fit my size 10.5 foot great with a heavyweight sock. Asking 175 shipped anywhere in the USA. DSCF3349.JPG

  8. I have a pair of Ice 9000's that are too small for me now. When I got them about a year ago they were fine but now with thick socks, they are no good for me. I feel like these would be perfect for someone with a size 10 foot. I have a wider footprint and they fit good, not super narrow like some brands. They are in great shape. Looking to sell them or trade for size 11 in something. If no one wants them here, I ll put them on ebay in a few days. Thanks