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  1. lol, lambone, could you send pictures of the tent to kane_schutzman@hotmail.com, also include as much info as you can.
  2. I never got an email or responce about the I-tent, but I am still interested.
  3. Gear On ebay

    Alright, thanks fellas. I really had no problem about the post being edited, or whatever, because I should have read the rules in the first place. Bro deals rock, and I have gotten some from people on this site. It's probably about time I start doing them too...Everything is understood! Thanks
  4. Gear On ebay

    the reason I posted the set of nuts was because for some reason after I listed them they would not show up, so people could not actually see them in the newly listed, or get them using search feathure. This had happened before and last time it took 20 hours before the item finally listed....Thought this might generate some more views which had been lost...Anyways, I got lots a gear on there, but I wont post a link..Keeping the forums clean is cool, but my post is still here, and now that the link is gone it's even more worthless than it was. Might be better for a mod to delete the posts that are not within spec, or whatever.............
  5. Could you send pictures of the Bibler I-tent to Kane_schutzman@hotmail.com? Thanks
  6. Sleeping Bag - event vs epic fabrics

    Ask Feathered friends about the fabrics themselves...They are are super helpful bunch.
  7. G12's or Sabretooth

    Haha, I will be in anything but full arcitc this trip. Actually looking for ways to cool down my feet because they will probably be in a oven.....Is it totally stupid to just bring some cotten socks for hot days? Gaiters, I have to have them for the AAI, not sure if they would allow integrated ones..
  8. G12's or Sabretooth

    Alright fella's, mrodaddy graciously sold me his sabertooths! THANKS ALOT MAN!!! Now on to some other questions Here is my setup for my feet: Liner Socks? Need to get, its minute, but does anyone have a preference? Smartwool Expedition Heavyweight Vasque Ice 9000's Sabertooth Pro's Wire bail in front Gaiters? Still need some, does anyone have a preference? This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone ever wish that their front points were sharper? I like putting my touch on something or just making it that tad bit better, but I know being too sharm can cause breakage...
  9. Gear On ebay

    Oops, yea really sorry about that!
  10. Camp Alpax

    Seemed like a good alternative to the Evolution. I really like the T-pick Rating, and hopefully its going to be good as a workhorse mountaineering axe. So has anyone used it? The only thing I could see happening is the rubber handle near the bottem of the shaft loosening or getting messed up from plunging into the snow. Got a good deal too:) Here is a picture http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150107990517&rd=1&rd=1
  11. FS: Moonstone Hooded Cirrus Jacket

    I may be interested, but let me get back to you.
  12. Camp Alpax

    It might have been a B-Rated Pick on yours. My last axe I got, was mistakenly a B-Rated. Even New it was dull, the adze was a joke. If it is indeed how you say, then I ll put my touches on it.
  13. Sweet, thanks alot fellas. I think I am going to order the 10.5 because I am on the bigger of the 10.5 size, and my current tenni's I think just stretched to accomodate my feet..haha. Thanks for the recommendation!!
  14. Curious on what the sizing is like for the Ice9000's. What size tennie do you wear and what size boot should you have gotten? I wear a 10.5 tenni, and hope I can get away with a 10.5 Ice 9000
  15. G12's or Sabretooth

    If your serious about selling the bd's than I ll take um partna. Send more information to my email, Kane_schutzman@hotmail.com . Thanks for the info on the Sarkens, I need to get to where I can try them all, and that will not be until I am acually in Washington,after my course, in which it will be too late.
  16. G12's or Sabretooth

    Selkirk, not sure what to think..haha you completely contradicted what a guy on RC.com said. Check it out, well. I ll just quote him on here.
  17. G12's or Sabretooth

    Looked at the Sarkens, and they do look nice. The front point looks really beefy. Damn, now there is another crampon in the running
  18. G12's or Sabretooth

    Well, these are going to be used on baker, adams, rainier, multiple 1400's in CO, and Denali. Hopefully in that order, so I guess you could say mostly slogs, although I hope to climb some ice for fun..Really, I would get the clip version of sabretooth, or newmatic for G-12's. I asked the same question on RC.com, and came up with something I did not consider. Someone said the G-12's rust more or faster than the BD crampons. Can anyone attest to this? Also, has anyone powdercoated there crampons? I have access to it and might just try it. Wich I could see these and try them first hand, but last time I checked crampons arent needed in Louisiana.
  19. Complete Rock Rack & Gear Sale

    I responded to your pm. I ll take the supersafe rope, pulleys, alians, and whatever else I mentioned.
  20. Complete Rock Rack & Gear Sale

    Forgot to add, do you have any daisy chains?
  21. Complete Rock Rack & Gear Sale

    I ll take the pulleys, and possibly the supersafe, or other mammut rope. Would you make a package deal for all the aliens? Let me know, also more info on condition for the aliens would be good. You take paypal? Thanks
  22. Expedition Down gear for sale

    Man, that would have been an interesting phone call
  23. Expedition Down gear for sale

    HAHA Nevermind, I just realized that I am not a small woman!
  24. Expedition Down gear for sale

    I am interested in the jacket and pants, hell maybe the bag too if we can work something out. You probably don't check back here much, so I ll give you a call. OR email me at kane_schutzman@hotmail.com
  25. Mentor for Rainier

    Hello Folks, Thought I may post this in hopes of finding a mentor. Let me start off by saying I have never climbed a mountain, never really had the chance. Probably because I live in Louisiana, but thats another story. I am not new to climbing all togethor, and climb sport and trad-sport pretty solid up to 5.11. In other words, I am not a lasy fatass you would have to haul up the mountain. Now, I am 18 and this climb would be sometime after May 7, graduation. I know the best way to do this would be to go through a guiding service, but I really want to do what I can to find one experienced person, who I can follow, and who can show me cramponing, axe use, running belays, self-arrest, glacier travel, and self rescue. Yes, I really know must of the systems already from reading Freedom of the hills, and reading all togethor. If someone would be my mentor or you know of a good candidate, then I would gladly pay for their time, and or pay gas, or whatever.I won't ask someone to do this for free. Add: I would have all my own gear down to the sunscreen. Kane, My email is Kane_schutzman@hotmail.com, or pm for my number.