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  1. I would like to trade this for a right zip bag of with the same rating or even colder, like a 0 or something. Would add cash. This is in Great shape.
  2. Well hell yea, Panos did you leavea message on my cell? I havent been able to check it recently because I have no service here in Mazama. We should converse and figure out a date.
  3. Looking for Guidebooks

    Looking for any guidebooks for Washington, Cali, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Thanks
  4. Looking for Guidebooks

    Oh, let me know what you would like for them, shipping included.
  5. You can also call and leave a messgae on my cell, 3182789645 and I ll get back to you..
  6. Recommendation for climbing pack?

    Take out a morgage http://www.mchalepacks.com/ultralight/detail/sub_pop.htm
  7. Thing is like new, worn twice on small runs, with the leggings rolled up. Mind you I had other layers under it so no sweat or anything. Retail is near 150.
  8. ice climbing today

    Shit man if you make it too mazama I would do some climbing
  9. Anyone ever climbed this in the Winter? Is it a deep snow climb or windblasted?
  10. Considering trading my hilti for a set of nice ice tools. Lets talk, hilti is in great condition, new bit with maybe 4 holes on it. New battery rebuilt with 4 holes on it as well. Pm please. Kane
  11. Books For Sale!

    $8 Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue $10 Avalanche Safety $5 Staying Healthy at High Altitude Are you in SEattle?
  12. Muir Snow Field

    Hey man, I am going up baker tommarrow and boarding down. If you wanna come then your welcome. I fly out of seattle at 11:00 Pm on the 18th, so I gotta be back by then. If we could meet in seattle and ride down togethor then I would opt for muir since I have never been there. Let me know soon, I ll pm you my number.
  13. Anyone up for climbing shuksan sometime soon? Within a week or two, lets exchange numbers and get this rollin.
  14. Ski's?

    So I am looking for some ski's and know nothing about them. Basically I need some idea's of what to look for. I will be using them for descents and ascents mountaineering. So stuff like coming down baker, glacier peak, silverstar, muir. ext. I would like something as light as possible, that will still work without sinking. In Extreme Alpinism they recomend 130-140 cm skis? Second what bindings? They have to work with a mountaineering boot...does anyone else use a system like this. I mean it seams like it would be easier to just skin up.
  15. Ski's?

    Btw those why in at 7.8 lb
  16. Ski's?

    What would "lightweight" be considered when talking about fatter skis? Would something like this Atomic Janac be good? Size 163? They are 99 wide and from the little looking IO have done thats FAATT. Btw not saying I would get those, they are definately on the expensive side.
  17. Ski's?

    Well, I guess in the book they go short so the ski's are lighter. I am like 5,10 and 135 though, but I guess with a full pack a gear I d be closwer to 160-170. They also reccomend the silveretta 300 bindings in the book, because they are the lightest. Basically I am looking for the lightest combo I can get that will alow me to skin up and ski down using mountaineering boots.
  18. Looking for approach info(BEST WAY TO GET IN) and if you have done it what you thought of the climb? Thanks
  19. I have the Ice 9000 boot in Size 11, after a long trop my big toes rub, so I am thinking of switching. If you would like them, pm me.
  20. International Stove

    I have the XGK, and its pretty awsome. Though expensive its a jet.
  21. Looking for some gear...

    I have a couple different pairs of shoes that have hardly been used. I also have a pair of aiders that I would sell. Thanks, the aiders are hardly used as well. Pm me me for more info and we can talk.
  22. Do you have any specific dates yet?
  23. Sounds like fun right? I would like to camp under the N or South early winter spires and try to do all the routes up there. If you can set aside 3-4 days at a time to come do this then let me know.! Washington pass has alot of routes. There is also a new route up there that has been up for less then a week. Let me know!