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  1. Quickdraws, Protection, and aiders.

    Bump, make offers.
  2. Sleeping bags...???

    I have a feathered friends. The hood does suck compared to a few other brands...marmot, I feel has the best hood.
  3. Could someone please reccomend a good baselayer that has the oh so wonderful crotch zip. Ive looked and Mec has a nice pair made of power dry polartech, but they also charge 19 for shipping to US. Any other brands have this feathure?
  4. Decided to forgo the crotch zip. Would have been nice under the powerstretch suit, but the reason for me to even use a base under it is to keep the cold zippers on the suit from gettin on me. The last thing I want is a zipper rubbin my kahonas. Thanks@
  5. Hoodys for climbing?

    Wild things also makes a nice powerstretch one.
  6. Iv actually already got a similar suit, but I wanna put something under it. The zippers that run up and down the entire legs are kinda cold on the skin. What I have is actually a military issue, same powerstretch and all..Ill use it as an insulating layer.
  7. I have a pair of Vasque Ice 9000 boots and I know the insides are moldable.Does anyone know how or where I can find the info on how to do it? Thanks
  8. Molding the Vasque Insoles

    Nevermind, I sent Vasque an email and they promptly returned it!
  9. Hoodys for climbing?

    Im looking for a hoody as well. Here is another made of powerstretch. Seems to have all the right stuff. What do you guys think? Good insulating layer? http://www.ems.com/catalog/product_detail_square.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442594814&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302888953
  10. Everything here is in excellent shape! Petzl Ascenders that are hardly used, Also have 4 Aiders that I will sell with them or seperate. There are 2 five step aiders, and 2 six steps. They are all in EXCELLENT SHAPE, with not many frays, or signs of use. Because, well aiding is HARD. Asking 130 for all. Or 90 for ascenders, and 50 for aiders. Two Red Metolius TCU's, both in excellent shape. No falls and one is basically new. Asking 25 plus shipping. One Red #1 Camalot, great shape, smooth action. 25 plus shipping 4 Flex Cams-You would think they are new but they have been placed a few times. No falls, or wear really. Asking 100 plus shipping for all four. Sizes are equivalent to bd 3 2 1 and 75 OOOPPS THE ARE TRANGO FLEX CAMS Number 9 Metoluis FCU great shape. asking 28 plus shipping Purple FCU Great shape no falls 25+ shipping Set of Metolius Curved hexes in excellent to new shape-65 for the full set Also forgot to add I have a #6 Green BD Single stem Camalot that is basically new, I placed it on a offwidth but never fell on it. Used maybe once on that. Looking for 70 shipped Tri Cams Also ADDED- BLUE METOLIUS FCU-GREAT SHAPE-25$
  11. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    or 115 shipped for the rest of the cams, 6 camalot-new red camalot and purple fcu
  12. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    Price is 65 shipped for the #6
  13. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    I moved back to Louisiana so I would have to ship it.
  14. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    Hmm, 70? Send me a pm.
  15. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    Also have a full set of tricams if anyone is interested in those.
  16. Cams, Ascenders, Aiders, quickdraws

    Also forgot to add I have a #6 Green BD Single stem Camalot that is basically new, I placed it on a offwidth but never fell on it. Used maybe once on that. Looking for 70 shipped
  17. My last chance to climb Rainier before I go back home, so if anyone wants to climb the route I can and will be able to during any time in march, preferrably mid. Pm me.
  18. Jefferson didnt work long story short I aint got skis and it would have taken forever to hike the road to the trail. Now I am in Zigzag, wanna do some challenging routes and need a partner. Let me know, I am up for anything.
  19. Better yet, I dont think I ll go to Rainier enless I have a parnter lined up
  20. CiloGear Gets another

    Double thumbs up, Jeeze just had to post that CiloGear, and graham, is the shit. Nuff said, sent a pack in to have a daisy, that broke because a me, and something else fixed. Then he sent me something better back(on short notice), it wasnt my pack? What was it? Im not tellin, you guys can ponder.I would tell but I dont want all you gumbys to be expecting that shit if you get a pin hole in the strap. Thanks alot graham
  21. Resoling Climbing Shoes

    Fellas, Just met james at CascadeCobbler and he's cool, and is doing my shoes on a couple hours notice. The cool thing is that he showed me the process, and even though its not listed he can use Onyx Rubber, which alot of other places dont offer. The prices are good too, check him out.
  22. Resoling Climbing Shoes

    Mine are at cascade cobbler right now,so when I pick them up I ll make sure to post how they are.
  23. All day high performance trad shoe

    For the record my acopa's, well lets say I did not like the rubber one bit, and they delaminated after a couple uses. Not good. I know its not my footwork because anyother shoe has never done that to me.
  24. Just to let everyone know, I ll be at Smith Rocks from March 3rd for at least 2-3 weeks. So if you would like to hook up call me at, 318-278-9645, better yet pm me your name and number I ll call you, no reception where I live.