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  1. starting my rack

    I have no clue what you need but I saw this on craigslist. It's worth a look http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/spo/299353449.html
  2. Rope differences, double, single twin

    I'm trying to understand the difference between a single, double and twin rope. Is it just a matter of one has a mark at the middle and different color ends? When is each used or does it vary? I apologize if this is addressed in another thread.
  3. Vaude crystal rock pack

    I'm looking at getting a Vaude crystal rock 30 - does anyone know anything about this specific pack or the brand? I know Vaude's ultra light water proof bags were tearing but haven't heard anything bad about the crystal rock (sown as opposed to welded seems) - thanks
  4. Name That Mountain

    Thunder Mountain @ the magical kingdom
  5. Physical Therapist in Seattle

    Kim Bennett in Seattle at Olympic Physical Therapy is great. She is a PT and Ph.D - 2063865600 It is hard to get into her practice, however, but once in appointments aren't a problem. Having been to another good PT I can say that Kim is in a different league. If you can't get in with her, there is another women in the office who happens to rock climb and is also good.
  6. Self Arrest Vs Self Bely grasp

    self arrest is my preference for most slopes
  7. In the Balance: Himalayan climbing panel

    I went, it was interesting but I think the extremely well credentialed panel could have been utilized better. It might have been a bad call having hornbein moderate. Overall though, it was educational.