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  1. Hood Pearly Gates this Friday night 6/15

    Close to downtown.
  2. I climbed Hood several years ago, and did a reprise last weekend, but we had to turn around due to one of the members of our group not feeling well enough when we got to the Hogsback. I'm interested in doing it again this weekend, hopefully to the top this time. Plan: leave Portland around 9:30 p.m. on Friday night, start up a bit before midnight, take Pearly Gates to the top (assuming conditions look good), summit a bit after sunrise, head back down, drive home. I've climbed Hood (via Old Chute, never Pearly Gates), Rainier, Shuksan, Shasta, and several other mountains (all with friends, but none of them are in town now). Looking for a fun, safe climbing partner.
  3. Half of our group bailed (but we still made it!), so I have two extra MRNP 2010 climbing passes. Selling for $25/each ($30 from the park service). Email climbing@brucec.net if you're interested.
  4. SS conditions?

    The parking lot, originally. And then again when your original route didn't pan out and you headed back east to do the SS. We crossed paths again below the couloir you descended on your way down; we were the first group up behind you.
  5. SS conditions?

    Yep. Just found a picture of you on your blog; that was definitely you. Your buddy had to turn around. I wondered where you were from. I would have guessed Canada from your accent, but Maine (I assume from your username) is close enough.
  6. SS conditions?

    Not sure what it's called, but it's quite a bit steeper than the main Old Chute route to the right. There were three rope teams heading up that way, and it looked like a lot of them were pretty uncomfortable with the grade. The leaders were putting in protection and belaying them, so they were taking *forever*. I'm glad they weren't blocking everyone else.
  7. SS conditions?

    That's insane.
  8. Hood SS Ski/Snowboard Descent

    As a counterpoint, though, there was almost no wind when I was up there yesterday morning. Could be totally different day to day, or even minute to minute, though. Can't ever count on anything with the wind.
  9. SS conditions?

    Went up yesterday (Thursday) morning, summitting a bit before 5:30. Crossed the Old Chute boot track under the cliffs, then took the 2 o'clock (rightmost) couloir to the ridge, rather than the more boring old chute. Nice little pitch. Ice/rock fall was pretty non-existent, but TMG is taking people over the fumaroles down low to stay out of the way. The other climbers coming up a little later looked like ants. Didn't expect so many on a Thursday! 2 o'clock couloir: Ants on the ridge: 45 ants on the SS. Count 'em:
  10. palmer chair open?

    http://www.timberlinelodge.com/conditions/ You can also call Timberline's conditions phone: 503.222.2211 It's open 9am-2pm today.
  11. Mt. Hood South Side Conditions Ice falling 5/24?

    Hey LonelySummit, let us know how it goes.
  12. Snowshoeing near Portland

    Howdy folks, I'm looking for good places to go snowshoeing around (i.e. within two hours of) Portland. Looking for something relatively flat, good scenery, and 4-8 miles round trip. Any favorites? ¡Gracias, amigos!
  13. I'm heading to Zermatt in Switzerland next week, and I'm looking for info on a specific hut (Schönbielhütte). Does anybody know where I can get more info on it? (Specifically, the route to the hut and what I need to bring.) Gracias.
  14. WTB: Rope tarp/bag

    Just to clarify: I'd be glad to pay for it.
  15. WTB: Rope tarp/bag

    Anyone in Seattle or Portland (or maybe somewhere in between, since I'll be driving down I-5 this weekend) have a rope tarp that I can take off your hands?