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    As a fat smoking lazy bastard, drawn to this site by the sad recent news and the Discovery Channel's show about climbing Everest, let me just say this. In a world of Paris Hiltons, Ashlee Simpsons, Tucker Carlsons, Bill O'Reillys, Ann Coulters, Rush Limbaughs, Terrell Owens, OJ Simpsons, Ken Lays, Osama BinLadens, and George W. Bushes, It seems to me that climbing a mountain would have to be one of the purest, physically and mentally demanding, spiritually fulfilling, and by far one of the most honest ways of making it to the top in this life. My hat's off to you climbers. You have my highest respect, and more importantly, you are inspiring! Therefore, I would have to put rescuing climbers in need right up there with saving the children and feeding the hungry. If there's ever any need in donations for this cause, I would be honored to help. Rock On