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  1. MT Hood Continued

    Yes, and how this community looks to the "outsiders" looking in. This place is a great resource for information. I am sure more than climber's come here.
  2. MT Hood Continued

    Another question you must ask yourselves: Do you guys have cascadeclimbers.com's best interests in mind? There are ALOT of people coming here, perhaps for the first time. Do you want to be percieved in the community this way?
  3. MT Hood Continued

    Hey guys, I just happened to notice that my site "The Adventurist" is getting alot of hits from cascadeclimbers.com--so I thought I would check out why. It seems someone has posted an email that I published yesterday from "Patti" about seeing a reflection on the South Side of Mt. Hood. Upon hearing this information, I contacted the Hood River County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department exclaimed that they would definately be looking into it. Here is an update: I haven't even published this myself, so you guys are hearing it first. The Hood River Valley County Search and Rescue has called off a search of Mt. Hood on the South Side. (this being from lastnight) Nothing was found to correspond with the tip that my site had recieved. A major ground search yesterday turned up nothing, and was not scheduled to take place again today. Here are my thoughts: I am very positive that the Hood River County Search and Rescue teams have covered about every inch they can get to on foot and by air. It is also noted that Searches have located no signs of someone leaving the mountain since the search was began 10 days ago. It is still presumed that Brian and Jerry are both on the Mountain someplace. Mt. Hood is a very big place, but ALOT of people are involved in this effort. The members of Cascadeclimbers.com have taught myself and alot of other people who perhaps do not know that much about mountain climbing and Mt. Hood in general an aweful lot. I thank all of you. The speculation and "What if's" will continue until these climbers are found. It is a request I make though, that these issues be carried out in a respectful and well demeanered manner from all involved. The family's of Jerry "Nikko" Cooke, Brian Hall, and Kelly James are reading these sites. I HAVE been contacted by family members in relation to this issue. Please be respectful and courteous. TO be honest, it really does not matter what happened on Mt. Hood. What matters is that all of the climbers are brought home. Once again, thank-you for all of your insight and thoughts on the Mt. Hood rescue. You have been invaluable to ALOT of people. You have my respect. And to the families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and associates of Brian Hall, Jerry "Nikko" Cooke, and Kelly James: We are humbled by this incident. Your families are in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, J. Alan Hendricks Editor, The Adventurist http://thehendricksreport.wordpress.com