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  1. H**d Aftermath..

    The Sheriff should check every climber for the required equipment. There should be a $100 fee for each of the 40,000 people who attempt the summit each year. The equipment list is as follows: 1-Bright Orange Hooded Gortex Parka and Pants 2-Bright Orange Tent and Down Sleeping Bag 3-Matches 4-Extra Socks 5-Cell Phone with Spare Battery 6-Food and Water for one week 7-Ropes and all that other stuff like crampons, ice axe, etc 8-Signal mirror and whistle 9-Compass 10-List of next of kin
  2. how do you respond to this?

    Maybe all of you hiker dudes could just pass the hat.
  3. Mt. Hood Epic...

    Seems to me that mountain climbing is an elitist activity. Expensive equipment, not having to work a regular job, time and money to travel. That said, I do respect climbers much more than NBA players.