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  1. Wallowa Avalanche

    Roger was a good friend of mine and also was good friends with Terminal Gravity. He will be greatly missed up here in Wallowa County. There will be a Memorial Service for Roger at 5 PM on Saturday at The Hurricane Creek Grange Hall and also a Pot Luck at the TG Brewpub on Sunday at 2 PM Memorial service location changed to Joseph Civic Center at 5 PM
  2. Important Hadron Collider website!

    Hadron Collider Webcams http://www.cyriak.co.uk/lhc/lhc-webcams.html
  3. When A Cougar In The Bedroom Is Bad

    Here is one in TerminalGravity's partners back yard in Enterprise http://www.wallowacountychieftain.info/main.asp?SectionID=9&SubSectionID=61&ArticleID=16573
  4. City of Seattle Building code (or King County)

    Seattle City Code Setbacks are here http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/toc/23-44.htm
  5. Scientists discover what causes pregnancy

    Fallout http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,241864,00.html
  6. Charlie Fowler's body identified

    For Genyen Mtn in Google Earth put 30.056285,99.284005 in search box
  7. MT Hood Continued

    Here is a new PDF map from The Oregonian. It is a fairly large file. http://www.oregonlive.com/cgi-bin/prxy/accessor/nph-repository-cache.cgi/base/pdf_captions/1166505904155620.pdf
  8. MT Hood Continued

    I came up with some locations based on this pdf in Google Earth, How do you post kmz files here?