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    Hello. I, like many others found this forum on kgw.com. First and foremost, thank you all for letting so many of us view and post in this thread and others I would assume also, who are following this. I'm sure some of you are a bit..irratated maybe.. that so many people have come here to post or even critize some things that climbers do or don't do. I do not wish to add to the frustration so this will probably be my only post. I'm not a climber and probably never will be one, terribly afraid of heights, but you guys all have my respect. To someone like me, being a climber seems to take a lot of courage. But others may not see it that way. At any rate, be safe all of you in the future. My fiancee and I have both been following this thread for the past week. We're both praying and sending out those "positive vibes" to the family and friends of these three climbers. It was very sad to hear about the loss of Kelly. We hope for better outcomes for Brian and Nikko. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the family and friends. Stay strong in this hard time. Things will be ok even if it doesn't seem like it right now. To those of you involved in the search, stay safe, stay warm and have hope. You guys are doing all you can for them and it's a great thing that you volunteer to help people when they get into trouble. Bring em home guys. -Jessie