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    I think the live video feed (KOIN) on Sunday afternoon was very telling and no one was then or is now commenting on it. The camera was focused on the summit where there were maybe four or five climbers looking to the NE down toward Eliot Glacier. Some other climbers were probing around the summit and two were hacking our the helo drop/pickup zone. One of those peering to the NE must have gotten roped up and was anchored to the others on the summit and to the summit ground. He (wearing what appeared to me to be a blue shell) walked rather easily down a few hundred feet. At one point he stopped on the (camera) left side of the gulley near a "spur" and it looked like he was using something large and reflective. I interpret this as a shovel and believe he was at the first snow cave. The helo with the camera must have had to leave the scene for refueling or something. It was much later that the live feed returned (approx 3:30pm PST) and the camera was focused on the same guy (blue shell) who was now at a point approx 30-50 ft below and to the right (camera) of the first cave. I interpreted this as the second cave. Does anyone have this video or screen captures from it?