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  1. I'm not connected to anyone, I'm just wondering if avy beacons would have any use in marking a snowcave so ground searchers don't miss it.
  2. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    I know that this thread isn't for transcription, but it would be really useful if someone could post if anything new is said at the press conference.
  3. If any one educated or expierenced has continued to read through all this junk, I have a question about what use avy beacons would have for something like this. I know that they are different from both MLUs and PLBs but it seems like they could be useful. They are small, light and relatively inexpensive. While they might not be strong enough for a helo to pick the signal up, at least ground searchers could pick up the signal instead of walking over a snow cave without noticing it. Just a thought.
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    One thought regarding SAR response is that most SAR incidents are for lost hikers or just general outdoor people, and these are usually handled by volunteer SAR without needing military support. SAR responses for climbers take a lot more support and rely on the military, but it would be a very expensive system to involve the military in every search and it would be even more expensive to maintain two entirely different search protocols/organisations depending on whether a search was lowlands or mountains. The current system seems to work fairly well, and in this incident they seem to be doing everything possible.
  5. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Just want to say that all the updates from the TV coverage are much appreciated (I'm in England right now), and I would be grateful if people would keep it up as the search starts today.