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  1. Accident on Hood 12-11-09

    My heart goes out to the families.
  2. Close the Rivers!

    Yeah, those WAITERS are really deadly, especially in Thai restaurants! If you wear WADERS for flyfishing around here in Montana you don't usually get much water in them unless you are being a dumbass.
  3. Utah's New Food Tax as Screwy as Our Liquor Laws

    Come to Montana where there isn't any sales tax.
  4. Hyalite Canyon Access

    I live in Helena MT and wrote a letter to the editor also. Here's hoping it makes a diff.
  5. Most annoying poster

    deleted because I decided I didn't think it was funny either. Cheers.
  6. Mt. Hood Epic...

    Yeah, in the long run any big sport or hobby is going to be expensive. But the goretex jacket, long underwear, socks, and other clothing items are stuff you need for any outdoors activities. Compare to the expensive ski suits and you come out about the same. How about horse sports, sailing, boating, kayaking. All cost. The cost of mountaineering can be low in the beginning and you can buy just a few pieces of equipment at a time. Ice axes and crampons are usually found at used equipment sales. So I still don't see cost as making mountaineering an elitist activity. Did these guys have to have the latest parka at REI?
  7. Mt. Hood Epic...

    Elitist? LOL, I got started by writing one check to the Tacoma Mountaineers for membership and course fees. I didn't even have a pair of boots when I started and I was an Army person stationed at Fort Lewis...elite....hahahaha. I bought boots to start with, had a few old Army uniform items to wear and some ski stuff. My parents loaned me $300 to buy a pack and sleeping bag. Elitist. Hahahaha.