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  1. Mt. Hood Epic...

    You can use your arguement (Why force me to pay for people who I don't even know?) to deny everything from the military, to welfare, to public education. Other people in this country feel the need to band together for the common good. The military helps me --- get rid of all welfare -- public education is the reaon this country is in a downward spiral. You really think it is ok to steal from one person to give to another?
  2. Mt. Hood Epic...

    No one is stopping you from giving as much as you want --- why don't you give everything you have to people with less? Do it then come back and tell us all about it.
  3. Mt. Hood Epic...

    Take by force (taxation) to help those who can't afford or who don't want to help themselves --- for the common good ... ?!! Sounds like communism ... take from each according to thier ability and give to each according to thier need --- wow -- and from members of group of climbers ... whom you would think could take care of themselves. And by the way I don't need nor want anyone's help -- especially from someone who is helping me out of a sense of moral guilt.
  4. Mt. Hood Epic...

    "1st: In Regards to the Search and Rescue team, they have done a great job. They risk their lives to save others. I have heard mention that the search was a waste of tax dollars and disagree. How can anyone place a dollar amount on any person's life - Can't!! Every life is worth saving!" It's easy to spend other peoples money. Let those people who want to help them pay with their own money. Or the climbers could but search and rescue insurance. Why force me to pay for people who I don't even know? Freedom (a concept climbers should understand and value) comes with the responsibility to pay your own way.
  5. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Does anyone expect that there will ever be any kind of scientific study/analysis done on the cause of this tragedy (like the NTSB does after an airplane crash) by any group (government or private) or will we be left with these discussions, speculations, and spay? Does anyone know of a forum, with a competent moderator and a group of experienced climbers, that might actually discuss this in a meaningful way? --Thanks
  6. MT Hood Continued

    After reading ALL of the posts in this thread I have only this to add: Every thinking human being has to make decisions every day, every decision has a consequence, and the individual making the decisions should accept the resulting consequences of his decisions. This applies to all decisions--the decision to climb or not, the decision to help rescue or not, the decision to read the posts here or not. If you don't want to climb--don't. If you don't want to help rescue--don't. If you don't want to read the posts here--don't. The only evil that can be done to an individual is to initiate force against him--to force him to do something against his will--like paying taxes. No person has the right to initiate force against another person, no matter how good the cause is supposed to be. This principle is this country's founding principle--it is what made this country great. Too bad it has been lost.