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  1. Broken Top NW Ridge in Winter?

    I was thinking about hitting this Mt doing it in a few days how long are you all planing on doing this in and is there maybe room for 1 more
  2. A few pics of Hood from today.

    Looks good up there
  3. Snow Conditions - TehSuck

    I was up there at swampy on sunday it was not bad but. I was going to go and try to go to south sister but that was not going ot happen the it was snowing way to hard for a friday sat sunday trip. Bummed out over that
  4. south sister in the winter

    not a good weekend to go this time weather was bad so i am just looking for the opening and then I am going
  5. Best free software for managing my music?

    if you are using Ipod then spend the little bit of money on anapod I use that and then if not winamp and musicmatch are great also
  6. Your 2007 Climbing Resolution(s)

    Get my butt back in to the prime shape I was in at 18 ( hahahahahahaha ) ok lets be real just get close to that
  7. Shasta anyone?

    I might be up for a trip up in feb what route are you thinking
  8. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    wow those are some cool pics look forward to climbing that MT soon
  9. [TR] Hood - Old Chute 1/1/2007

    wow looks nice up there glad you had a good trip and a safe on also
  10. Local 'South Willamette Valley' Alpine partner

    I am in bend Oregon and have been looking for people to climb with. I just moved here from cali and have Climbed alot in the tahoe area and did a lot of backcountry there. Climbed Whitney a bunch or times and shasta also.
  11. south sister in the winter

    Thank you for the info it might be a better idea to go north to south then. I was thinking about that after reading some info on north sister. thanks for the info I am heading up to south sister on a snow shoe trip this weekend thinking if snow is good I might go for it. Thinking about taking the board and comming down in a hurry ( hahah )
  12. south sister in the winter

    that is what I heard. the trip south to north would be about 4 to 5 days. the 1 to 2 day trip is the winter trip up south sister. the summer trip is still up to 1 work and vacation time 2 the ease of climb up south sister in july and how the rock is.
  13. Paulina Falls

    it was where are you from muffy
  14. Paulina Falls

    we did the trail that goes up the north side of the creek last summer it was a nice day hike. My wife and kids and I
  15. Paulina Falls

    yea we have been there in the summer but never in the winter