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  1. First climbs in the Cascades?

    My experience is with Colorado 14ers. What do people recomend for introductory climbs in the Cascades? I'd like to do Mt. St. Helen's but I know you have to go through a lottery for climbing season access. What else would be an easy but rewarding climb?
  2. U.S. signals Gulf allies 2007 attack on Iran...

    They've put the pieces in place and the mainstream news talk channels are openly talking about it. The US doesn't move carriers for fun and games. There will be some form of showdown after Feburary 23rd. Bush is requesting additional oil for the strategic reserve. Bush is adding 21,000 troops to Iraq - allegedly to stablize Iraq but in the event of an attack on Iran they would serve as additional reinforcement against an Iranian counter attack in Iraq. I'd say that even these people (the Bushies) aren't so insane as to do a damn fool thing like attack Iran, but I think they may just be.
  3. Hey, Sorry if I'm repeating a thread but I looked briefly and couldn't find one. Does anyone know if there are any first course in Avalanch saftey around the end of Febuary time frame anywhere in the Washington Seattle area? This is something I need before the next winter season when I plan to attempt some easy winter ascents. Thanks
  4. How to get started

    your post was classic. I really did LOL. you forgot to mention: drop a hammer on your toes repeatedly, put a plastic bag over your head and climb 10 flights of stairs, start crapping in a plastic bag and carry it around with you, go on an enforced diet of tail mix, power bars and gatoraide for 3 days staight ... Thanks! Your list was very funny, especially the part about putting all your money in a pile and burning it; you made my morning.
  5. Boskoff overdue in China

    Sad news indeed! My condolences to everyone at Mountain Madness. It's been a bad year all around.
  6. The Death of American Capitalism

    Further thoughts - This issue is hitting the climbing community hard right now. Look at Everest. I just watched the discovery series final episode of "Everest - Beyond the Limit" and have been aware of the controversy surrounding the non-rescue of David Sharp. Russell Brice is establishing an unstable monopoly of the north side of that mountain. He and Discovery channel recently got slamed by an editorial on the web: http://mounteverest.net/news.php?news=15288 I think the editorial was unfair to Brice and that he is a "good guy" and a benovolent dictator who does the best he can on Everest. But, the problem with capitalism - and I think it is ultimately the root of what the mounteverest.net editorial was upset about - is that we can not guarantee the benovolence of the inevitable dictators who result from the instablities of capitalism. Soon they will have a big Neon sign on the summit of Everest that says "Climb with Himex!"
  7. The Death of American Capitalism

    Right, I understand your ideals. As you notice, free market capitalism is inherently unstable. But yes, I favor a form of responsibly monitored capitalism (coupled with baseline guarentees of food, shelter, healthcare and school). The problem is who does that monitoring? The people??? The elites consider them way too irresponsible. As one of the people - I consider the elites (particularly those who control and manipulate the republican party) way too irresponsible!!! From Adam Smith as discussed by Noam Chomsky: "Beware the trappling roar of the bewildered herd!"
  8. The Death of American Capitalism

    While I expressed my ideals, but realistically, I don't think single payer has a snowball's chance in hell in America despite the fact that 75% of americans are in favor of such a plan. Mention the words 'single payer' and you get slammed down by the coorporate elite and health care coorporations faster than you can speak. It is interesting to me how capitalism is the accepted ideal even in conversations between the so called enlightened. Capitalism basically sucks and doesn't work. This is particularly evident as the health care system moves towards a full fledged crises. The educated business classes know full well that capitalism doesn't work, they just use it as a convenient excuse when they need to oppress the masses. I have a decent health plan but they just went under. Now my employer may offer a similar one but I've been starting to hear the words "health savings account" a lot more lately and I suspect that is where we are all eventually headed. Meaning that if the costs are too high - Oh Well, suffer. I doubt the republicans are capable of meaningful tort reform. They always try too hard to feather the pockets of their buddies and the cooporate elite and it ends up screwing up anything they do that might marginally help. Sorry, I'm rambling but the health care issue really gets me going. I went 10 years with marginal and sporatic coverage and I'm pissed about it. I don't think anyone should have to put up with that. Now I can climb and not worry about health care. I had to get some things checked out this year as I get more serious about attempting some high altitude and difficult mountains in the next couple of years. I'm happy to have coverage but I certainly don't take it for granted. I go to a clinic that specializes in patients who don't have coverage, even though I don't have to, specifically to support it. Anyway, thanks for your post.
  9. Mt. Hood Epic...

    Yeah, it makes one wonder what the heck happened on top of Mt. Hood that got them in such trouble. They obviously knew what was going on so I wonder why they didn't have spare food and fuel in each pack. I thought Katie Couric's interview last night was respectful and tasteful. My heart goes out to the climbers families.
  10. The Death of American Capitalism

    My personal view is that fundamental care medicine and capitalism ultimately don't mix. The stakes are too high (life and death). I support a base system that is universal health care. Then we allow a layer of capitalism - for profit care on top of the base layer. Clearly strong laws will be needed to enforce fair critical care for all. The expense is large but less than we are now paying privately. The malpractice issue is difficult but I think it could be solved by open minded people. Right now we have a bunch of close minded elites controlling this debate. The health care industry is fighting with everything they have to avoid the single payer solution. It is ashame that they have grown so powerful since they are now standing in the way of a true solution.
  11. More Troops in Iraq

    It's not like Vietnam. Sorry, try again. I'm only refering to the retoric. Obviously the geo-political situation is different. (Or is it??!) Are you old enough to remember the news during Vietnam? I'm too lazy to check your profile. I mean, it is haunting. Like Johnson and Nixon and his friends have all risen from the dead. Praise the nation state! The bumbling Empire marches on!
  12. Everest Beyond the Limit on Discovery

    Would probably be cheaper just to hire someone to whip you while you spend a couple of months nearly non-stop on a Stairmaster. And add ... in a freezer with your head covered in a plastic bag. Thanks for the funny post.
  13. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Yeah, the web site address was published on the national media links to the Mt. Hood event. I'm a beginning climber (Mt. Yale Colorado July '06) who found the site that way. I'm very interested in climbing in the Cascades and I want to learn. I'm not into spraying the site but I don't know where to post to ask honest questions and I feel somewhat intimidated by the attacks and shutdowns that keep appearing. I know about the "newbie's post area" but my impression is that the "insiders" on this site are downright unfriendly. Is it a closed or open site and since this thread has been moved to spray who cares? I generally skim threads unless I'm really interested in them and I don't follow all of the conversations before I post. Perhaps since yahoo shut down its message boards all the yahoo trolls are posting here. Anyway, that cut rope is weird and so was James' phone call. Maybe it is gawker curiosity but, in defense of gawkers, the reason for gawker curiosity (admit it people - we all do it) is that people don't want to repeat the mistakes that got the people they are gawking at in trouble.
  14. More Troops in Iraq

    For those old enough to remember Vietnam - this is history in rerun. Iraqification = Vietnamization "Stay the course", "We aren't losing", "We are winning in Vietnam (Iraq)", "We must win in Vietnam (Iraq)", blah, blah, blah. From the honest information that I have seen: "The U.S. will leave Iraq with its tail between its legs" This can either happen now or years from now with 1000's of more U.S. troop injuries and deaths and billions of $'s wasted. Look, I think most of the elites and the generals know this (although Bush has no clue). And staying in Iraq is about appearences. Appearences that the U.S. policy in the Middle East isn't totally flawed. But it is and that is obvious to most. The dems don't have the backbone to do anything except get blamed for the failure of Iraq policy in 2008 (even though it is Bush and the repubican's fault). The dems have no spines. So fellow climbers - climb on! There is little you can do except pay your taxes. This country isn't a "free western democracy" or anything vaguely like that, so go climb a mountain ...
  15. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Jezz folks - calm down. I agree that speculation is a reasonable discussion thread. I haven't followed all the posts on this topic but let folks speculate. Who cares if they get it wrong? I think many on this forum could learn from a little honest speculaiton. I'm still wondering about the "cut rope". Anyone have any speculations about that one?