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  1. Crash

    I ride 100 miles per week and have done so for 3 years now. I haven't been hit but I have had some close calls. The two things that cause problems IMO are cars making a right turns across the bike lane or path of a cyclist and oncoming traffic doing the same with left turns. Once a car passes you they quickly forget you were there assuming they saw you in the first place. I had a car full of kids huck a Venti Starschmucks at me one time. Fortunately it missed and exploded on the ground next to me. I chased the bastards down but they ran a light to get away. Another time I got nailed right in the ass by one of those plastic big gulp cups. That hurt like hell! So in my experience projectiles are more dangerous than cars... Sorry to hear about your accident Roger.
  2. Winter routes

    Channel 6 better get their team ready...
  3. Rave: Peet's Boot Dryer

    Not to mention it broadcasts that lovely aroma around the room.. I bike commute every day, I might have to look into one of these...
  4. MLU poll on KATU

    Knocked it down to 91%...
  5. I was in there Saturday and picked up a Gamma MX and Theta LP set for 20% off. The sale acutally starts today but I'm not sure what all it covers but I know Arcterxy for sure.
  6. Approach Vehicle Suggestions

    For Toyota off road stuff check out http://allprooffroad.com/ Also Pirate4x4.com The VW TDi will get nearly 50mpg. Then make your own bio-diesel for less than a buck and gallon. Most newer diesels have particulate filters in the exhaust and are pretty clean in general. With bio-diesel you just give off burrito fumes...
  7. I'm 30 years old and have about 15 years of mountain and rock climbing experience. I've summited Hood 1/2 dozen times on various routes, Jefferson 3 times, Mt Washington West Face, Rainier, Lassen, etc.. I have climbed at Leavenworth, Smith, Columbia Gorge, Tahoe, Tuolumne, Yosemite, etc.. I have taken a few years off (climbed 1-2x a year) so I'm a little rusty. I'd say my rock lead ability ATM is 5.9 red, 5.10a/b top rope. In my prime I was redding hard 10s. Looking for someone to hit the crags and mountains with. I have a good rack and can add to it if needed. Ideally I'd like to climb with more experienced climbers that can push me to get better but I'm happy to share my experience with others. Only caveat is I do not drive Happy to pay for fuel, etc..
  8. Redpoint hard 5.10 climbs
  9. Sounds great, I PM you before I read this.. LOL
  10. Do I know Scott?!? The real question is who doesn't....? FWIW I heard they aren't offering the discount on non Gore based Arcteryx stuff. So they discounted my Gamma on accident.
  11. Plastic Boot Decision

    Exactly what I was thinking. I haven't done any ice climbing yet so my main interest is a winter mountaineering boot that I can flounder on some ice with for now
  12. Plastic Boot Decision

    I just ordered a set of the Asolo AFS Evos. REI doesn't stock them so I hope they are the right size... If they do not fit I'll likely get the Koflachs with Intuitions.
  13. Great climbing story:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that story!
  14. I would be interested too. I've been up both Jeff and washington. I have a post in this thread listing my experience further.