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  1. Town Crier question

    Wondering whether the aid pitches on Town Crier were done clean these days or pins and a hammer are still used. Thanks.
  2. Alpine partnr out of Seattle

    climb 5.10 rock and grade 5 ice. i´m interested in coleman headwall, arious routes on rainier, 5.10 routes on wash pass and in the enchantments and climbing throughout the summer in squamish and index. don´t have a weekday partner. currently live in seattle but may be living in my truck this summer wherever i´m climbing.
  3. index conditions

    interested in climbing at index tuesday? weather looks good. started leading 5.10 gear routes at index last fall. pm me. chris
  4. [TR] Ice Bender - First Ascents 1/10/2009

    John- I'm in Bozeman climbing thru March and traveling up to Alberta and down to Cody from there. No commitments, free to climb any day during that time. PM me. Chris.
  5. Free week for ice Dec.16-19

    I'm free Thurs and Fri and lead WI 4. I live in Seattle. Check your PMs.
  6. looking for partners interested in extended ice/alpine climbing and ski mountaineering trips to the canadian rockies this winter. i lead WI 4 and want to step it up to WI 5 this year. i´m free january thru may. living in seattle these days.
  7. Looking for a partner for tomorrow (Monday) for Index. I climb 5.9-5.10 at Index. Chris.
  8. Climbing Friday (5/16)

    check PMs
  9. 1 adze, 1 hammer. Bonded rubber bent shaft. Low miles. 1 new pick, other in good shape. $100 for pair. Photo: http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=35908&cat=516
  10. Umbilicals/Lanyards

    I'll take 1, check PMs.
  11. Smith next week?

    check PMs
  12. ice climbing partners

    check PMs.