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  1. [TR] Sherpa - West Ridge 6/28/2009

    Nice pictures.
  2. I GOT....

    Congratulations Pink. You and she look great together.
  3. Ozone Guidebook Release Party

    I don’t know Kevin either, but will try to make the event to show support for a local climber and a local climbing crag.
  4. Backpacking with Kids

    Wow. It seems like a lot of parents on this thread recommend sugar as a way of tricking the children into getting to the top or to the camp site. This is very interesting. How about protein? Beef jerky or some sort of snack that is not sugar.

    I hear you on that. I am the boss of three people. I hate giving good people bad news. Like, you are getting a 2% raise this year. Instead of 4%.
  6. Fatal Fall on Dragontail

    http://wenatcheeworld.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080808/NEWS04/448634810/1002 This was a friend of mine. She had an amazing soul. We will miss you andy.
  7. McCain speech

    What a shame.
  8. Index Video for those rainy days

    Great video. I miss Index.
  9. Nice pictures. Way to go!
  10. To the fathers......

    I should have said how painful it is.
  11. $11 billion on presidential taxis

    Shit! You could give each of the $300+ million Americans $.67 each! Wow!! Wow, such a pessimistic view!
  12. To the fathers......

    hahahaha.....I say good job to the women for doing all the work! Thank you for the acknowledgement. It hard to put into words how much work child birth really is.
  13. Pub Club

    I would come have a glass of wine with you if I lived in Seattle. Have fun!