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  1. ptarmigan ridge question

    I do think they closed the road Thursday PM thats what I was told. Give the Rangers a call.
  2. La Sportive Spantiks

    What do want for the 43?
  3. Mowich Face Conditions

    I will do that. I cant get in touch with Mike Gauthier, He must be having fun some where else!(good for him). Hoping to get some fresh snow mixed with rime ice to hold it all together this weekend!
  4. Mowich Face Conditions

    I agree, the beta has been good. Thanks I will talk to guys later.
  5. Mowich Face Conditions

    I just thought it was a climbing web site for climbers to gather info etc... on climbs in are area and beyond. I also thought climbers back each other up? But everytime I come on here and ask simple honest questions I get shit about it! Do you have any good beta on the route?
  6. Mowich Face Conditions

    It seems funny that the guide book says it is a October route! And I talked with the Rangers and all said the same thing! This is why I don't use site because you guys can't just give somebody some beta on a climb you have to bash them and tear them down! Is this how you get your rocks off! Do you west siders even really climb or do you play with a mouse all day?
  7. Mind Fuck

    I've been a member for a long time. I just replied today 'cause I was so disgusted with your guys antics. I thought it was a climbing site with useful information. I often log on just read what's going on. And you're always bashing some thing or some body! Last year, my partner and I were looking for information on Liberty Ridge. We came to this site and we were told that 'maybe the routes too big for us and we should find a littler mountain.' So put that in your Birkenstock and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mind Fuck

    Dont you fags have anything better to (brag) talk about?