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  1. Left a couple double length slings and a Metolius quickdraw at the N Point.
  2. Roping up on Shasta

    I'd skip on bringing pickets just for the tent. Can use the shovel and ski poles (if you don't plan to use them on summit day). Also, by now you should be able to find campsites in Avy Gulch that have melted out if you want to camp on rock and leave the shovel at home. This is especially true if you're not dead set on camping at Helen. The climbing rangers have done a pretty good job of flagging the route at all the places where you might get off track. Barring a total whiteout you'll be able to see the trampled down superhighway and the long line of headlamps that come with Avy Gulch, especially on the weekends.
  3. Great pictures! Thanks for a report from the Trinity's
  4. Mt Shasta Conditions

    There's snow all the way down to Bunny Flat TH as of last weekend.
  5. shasta/hotlum bolam

    I haven't climbed Hotlum-Bolam but friends say it is pretty straightforward with the main hazard being the bergshrund when it is exposed. Another option might be the West Face Gully. Technically easy without a lot of the attention the Gulch gets. Plus it stays out of the sun for most of the morning, which usually makes for nice hard snow conditions.
  6. Another point that was brought up a lot in my outdoor rec program was that the reason many waivers fail to protect companies is when they are not backed up by leaders and companies who make a reasonable effort to make participants aware of the hazards and risk throughout an outing so that the participants can make informed decisions. Essentially, if participants are truly aware of the risks they expose themselves to then they are responsible for the decisions they make. It would seem like, in the case of a minor, that would mean that the parents of a minor should also know the risks that their child could be exposed to so that if something went wrong they couldn't say "We never knew something like this could happen." However, that is more geared toward programs offering trips to minors, not individuals who aren't being paid.
  7. 10 days in the Northwest

    For what it's worth, you're correct that Shasta's routes are in very poor condition this year with nearly no snow and lots of rockfall. That said, people are heading toward Clear Creek for a non-technical (but still very physically challenging) climb. There is no snow on this route aside from the summit plataeu and you will only need some hiking poles (no axe, rope, crampons) and a strong tolerance to hours and hours of miserable scree hiking. Be VERY careful on the descent not to head into the Mud Creek drainage, which for some reason seems to attract climbers on the descent. I agree with some of the others above though that climbing the Cascade volcanoes right now may not be the best use of your time out in the PNW and maybe some of the other suggestions would make a more enjoyable and memorable (in a good way) trip
  8. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll have to get out there and try it again. Congrats on the successful trip!
  9. Hey David. I tried to do the same trip this last December and struggled through the blowdowns and couldn't find a reasonable way through. Has anyone done any work to clear them? Or were you just more patient than us and found a way past them farther along?
  10. Still for sale, except I just realized they are a women's size 7/Eur 38. Make an offer.
  11. Best School for a Climber U of O or OSU ?

    Hey Jory here. I hate to point out the obvious, but you already live in Bend, and they have a Natural Resources degree at OSU-Cascades.
  12. South Sister this month??

    OSU-Cascades in Bend is trying to get an avalanche center up and running for the C.O. Cascades. So far this winter there have been some hang-ups but you might want to check back in before you go to see if they've got the results from their pits up. http://www.osucascades.edu//studentlife/clubs/snowpackreport.php
  13. Five Ten Sizing

    I'm looking to find out how Five Ten climbing shoes fit relative to actual shoe size. I made the mistake of talking my girlfriend into a "snug" fit in her climbing shoes and now she won't wear them. I found a good deal on Five Tens online and am contemplating buying her a new pair. Anyone have any experience with how they fit?
  14. Trip: Mt. Thielsen log jumping - Date: 12/9/2007 Trip Report: After being inspired by the TR's on winter Thielsen climbs I felt it was time to do it myself. My friend and I followed the blue diamonds out of the parking lot. The trail was easy enough aside from the occasional downed tree along the way. The real fun began after the trail junction at about 2 miles. The trail, and everything within sight, was covered by downed trees. Thinking we could get through it with only a slight delay we began hopping, crawling, cussing and falling our way through the mess. A check of our watches told us it had taken about 45 minutes to go 50 yards. With no end in sight, and realizing that even if we found the end of these blowdowns we would most likely just have to turn around and come back, we decided to turn around. Curious if there was a way around the mess, we backtracked south along the trail and tried to head west again but were blocked again by downed trees. I just wanted to post this for anyone who was thinking, like me, that Thielsen might be a fun climb this winter. Has anyone been up there lately? Know a way around the trees? Stoked! Approach Notes: Trail to westside ridge totally blocked Gear Notes: teleportation devices recommended
  15. La Sportiva Mojo Women's size 6.5 These shoes were climbed in ONCE and are too small for my girlfriend's feet. Nearly new condition. $45 obo. Come pick up if you live in Bend area. Otherwise, will ship if you pay for shipping.