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  1. On pitch 24 now. Live video The team chose to climb the last 5.14 pitch (p 15) in the dark so that cooler temperatures would improve friction enough to make the send possible - even in mid winter.
  2. getting back to it

    Dave, my neighbor and good friend David also has gout - He's about your age and treats it with fasting and by other means. He's a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry. I can put you two together via email so you can share what works for each of you if you'd like.
  3. Maybe Ivan's thinking is in the 'other' category, Pink. Just maybe. You used to be a cool dude, anyway. And now you're just another one note song in a flat cord. Your humor's gone. I miss it.
  4. The last 5.14 pitch went down - 11 tries over 7 days. 7 pitches of 5.14, 12 of 5.13, the rest is 5.12 or below.
  5. Thanks for the Dictator

    Anyone who's ever witnessed two cats cram themselves into a shoe box knows that kittens love a good crushing.
  6. Staple yer middle fingers back on and finish your pitch, Bitch.
  7. Layering Critique?

    I like the Icebreaker undies, too. I've used Underarmour and microfibre and that action sucked schweaties.
  8. Layering Critique?

    I've personally found the opposite. Big improvement in wicking and drying with wool over Cap 2 - (still got 2 shirts i use to run in). Those who've found wool base layers too insulating should try Icebreaker 150 fabric garments. Yeah. With mid layers I've found the drying time to be roughly comparable between the two materials - but the merino is more comfy for exertion. Moving heavily there's also no comparison for me - merino is less clammy and therefore warmer. It's also less brutal than syntho when the sun comes out and it gets a bit on the warm side. My skin's good with merino (which doesn't feel like other wool), though.
  9. Layering Critique?

    synthetics neither dry faster nor are they lighter than today's merino garments. for most folks merino is far less clammy than synthetic. No comparison in ny experience. Not everyone can wear merino next to their skin, however. Most can. Icebreaker Anatomica 150 fabric Ts are excellent for summer use. synthetics are cheaper and more durable. for me - comfort, performance, and not smelling like synthetic ass are more than worth the $. My recommendation: borrow or spring for a merino T and compare it on a trip the equivalent synthetic.
  10. Layering Critique?

    my thang: 2 x merino Ts, Sierra Raiding Post often has 200 wt for cheapish. 1 x merino baselayer hoody 1 or 2 light merino sweaters from Goodwill (5 - 12 bucks, they always have em wind shirt ( any wind breaker will do) light down hoody (Montbell's UL - prob the cheapest good one) beanie baseball cap sun hat light syntho puff lightest hardshell - can be a used POS - i never seem to put mine on lightest merino long johns Schoeller pants (REI ACME, etc). ankle draw strings are very nice wind pants - youll never need em smartwool socks gloves as needed mix n match as needed
  11. Thanks for the Dictator

    When all the world looks like an asshole, perhaps one's own specs are due for a wipe. This administration has done an incredible job of turning around several really terrible situations it inherited from the Psycho-morons. There are probably few other presidents in history who could have pulled that off. After all, most of them are dead. But lets face it - presidential administrations wag the tail of the social progress dog. States lead the way there - when enough turn the tide, the feds follow. That's one of many reasons why WA is such a great place. Marital equality, ending the Drug War, gun regulation (finely), death penalty moratorium, police reform - our state isn't the biggest nor does it swing national elections - but it leads by example in no uncertain terms in several key areas. Now if we could just figure out how to dig a tunnel.... Then there's the lunatic in the closet that is the Supreme Court. Magic Nineball - are you with me or agin me today?
  12. Thanks for the Dictator

    Please don't. I like voting for two.
  13. Thanks for the Dictator

    im super happy with a lot of things the Obama administration has done. Not as happy with others. In the balance - compared with other administrations? Pretty super happy. Compared with his opponents? Wow. Shitshow avoided.
  14. Thanks for the Dictator

    Moving. From a former US Army officer assigned to defend two Guantanamo detainees. A Case Against Torture
  15. Right wing lunacy

  16. Right wing lunacy

    Agree. In addition to a new algorithm that filters tired pedantic prose, this meter should also issue both yellow and red flags for overuse of the following words: me, my, I, when I, me, Bulger, we, Navy, me, ACLU, Dog, and, of course, speaking engagement. Twas the night before Bulger, and all through my log, not an activity alert was stirring, not even an ACLU speaking engagement, thank Dog. My Navy memorabilia were hung oer the mantle with care, in the hopes that my replacement Expert Marksman ribbon soon would be there... Meeeeerry Christmas everyone! Sing some Elton John with your carols this season. Trust me on that!
  17. Right wing lunacy

    forums should employ a repetition meter. Scoring from 0 to 100, color coded white (all fresh material) to brown to black (all repetition). Histogram key words (Ex: PC) and phrases (Ex: bag of dicks) from a user's posting history, excluding common prepositions and articles, etc. A series of color coded icons might serve here. Steaming pile for 80+% repetitive, for example. An image of Oscar Wilde for 20% and below. Lets do this thing. BIG DATA IS YOUR FRIEND.
  18. Right wing lunacy

    How many times have you two monkeys fucked this football already? PC is a smokescreen righties employ as they suppress the black vote, force women to bear children, and prevent 7% of the population from marrying. The millions of victims of these civil rights violations certainly know who their friends and enemies are. It ain't comedians.
  19. Right wing lunacy

    no one here has. The Power of One Troll.
  20. Right wing lunacy

    Political correctness is a righty strawman, of course. It's an excuse for bad behavior in the form of real discrimination - against gays, women, minorities, immigrants, and religions other than Christianity. Just another 'they did that, so I can do this' line of argument, familiar to any parent with young children.
  21. Right wing lunacy

    over 90% of vaginas vote Democrat
  22. Right wing lunacy

    amy schumer. sarah silverman.
  23. Right wing lunacy

    john fucking oliver, ladies and gentlemen! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
  24. Right wing lunacy

    wait - its not bitterness and hatred?