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  1. Sad news coming

    just returned from a really moving service for brian massey- much sadness and joy too as we all remembered his amazing character, smile and dedication to climbing, firefighting and those people he loved. brian worked fill-in shifts-when he was not on shift at the fire station, at the redmond vertical world and his impact there was huge. His attitude was so positive he made it so fun to be there with him. as the former manager of the gym, i remember interviewing him and being so psyched to bring him on board-we pretty much hired him on the spot. i knew he would rock out there. he didnt work there for the money (as anyone that has worked at a gym can attest to), he just loved climbing so much and wanted to be an even closer part of the climbing community-sharing climbing with others. he made friends and climbing partners easily as we welcomed him and his wife jess into our community- he is so missed and we all feel his loss and the gifts he gave us. i really cant say enough about how greatful we at the gym were to brian for his spririt and friendship my heart goes out to his family and to mizuki's family. may we all continue to honor thier lives by climbing and living to the fullest. lina