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  1. Anyone still with no plans for the weekend? I've been thinking about Argonout/NE Couloir or Stuart/Ice Cliff, but we can discuss other options. PM me, if interested.
  2. Looking for a climbing partner for this Saturday. I was thinking about a Mtn Loop Hwy area climb (Del Campo, Whitehorse, Kyes), but I'm open to other options. PM me, if interested.
  3. Sloan Peak

    Rad, since were there recently, could you elaborate a bit more on those moat issues and the class 4/5 section? Do you think the moat is (was) passable on the ascent? How long is the rock climbing section between the ramp and the trail? Thanks.
  4. Anyone interested in Shuksan (preferably Fisher Chimneys) this Sat/Sun (8/1-2)? I have many years of experience on moderate alpine routes. Looking for an experienced partner. Please PM with questions.
  5. Best Access to Glacier Peak?

    I climbed Glacier Peak on the weekend 6/2-3, 2007. I biked 2 miles to the trailhead and back. Yes, crossing Red Creek was the crux of the route. There is a huge and wide log above the bridge site, but it leads to a vertical and high cliff on the other side. On the way up, I was able to pass between the creek and the cliff (getting my feet wet) upstream to where I could safely climb the bank, but on the descent there was too much water. I hiked down the creek to where it splits. Still, crossing the main fork was a challenge. I crossed over a 10 inch wide log - scarry with my heavy pack.