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  1. Hello, I lost a pair of BD Neve crampons in a black CAMP bag this Saturday skiing the SW chutes on Mt. Adams. If anybody happened to find them, I'd love to get them back. Thanks, Keith
  2. Anyone know if the road to Cold Springs trailhead is clear yet? Latest report is that it's clear to within 4 miles, but i'm hoping that it might be better by this weekend.
  3. Wondering if anyone can provide current snow/ski conditions for Aneroid Basin/Wing Ridge area. We are considering a trip there next week, and having never been before I'm wondering if there's enough snow this early in the season. According to Snotel reports, the snow pack seems pretty thin. Also wondering if it typically rains at that elevation out there, as forecast seems to show warming. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Wallowas Snow Conditions

    Thanks for the beta. Think I'll wait, and check out Wing Ridge later in the season. km